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Why should you need to know ways to become a morning person? How many articles have you read about time management and being successful that tell you to start early? I can also quote to you that proverb “the early bird catches the worm”. It’s all true. You could start off having a bad day that gets better (hopefully!), but if you wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed and raring to go, you can make the most of the time of day when other people are still rubbing sleep from their eyes and stifling yawns. Get a march on your goals, dreams and the competition with these ways to become a morning person:

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Have a Good Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I know we’ve all heard our moms say it, but it really is true. Don’t swap breakfast for a chocolate bar and a black coffee; you need a healthy breakfast to give you energy for the day, and not a quick fix. Make sure you get protein, colorful fruit or vegetables, and whole grains. Why not try a nice bowl of hot porridge with berries and honey, or Greek yogurt and banana. Maybe you don’t see this as the best of ways to become a morning person, because it doesn’t involve a caffeine fix. If this is the case then why not try adding a splash of fortified soymilk to your latte.


Give Yourself a Reward

So you didn’t snooze, or you got up before your alarm? Then treat yourself. Take advantage of the time you gained by reading a newspaper, or watching a little television while you get ready. Have you got a show which you recorded and need to catch up on? Why not watch a little of it over breakfast. You will look forward to mornings in no time.


Make Sure Your Room is Light

If you like your sleep, then the last thing you want to do is take down the blackout blinds. However, dark mornings make it much harder to get up as your body thinks that it is still night time. Place your bed in front of a big window, and sleep with your curtains open. If you are looking for ways to become a morning person then avoiding the morning by keeping the room dark is not an option.


Exercise First Thing

Early morning exercise can actually make you feel more energized, if you don’t believe me then try it! Once you realize how good you feel after a morning jog or 15-30 minutes of yoga, you will soon be itching to get up and out there. Exercise also lifts your mood which will set you up right for the day ahead. Oh, and another plus is that you burn more calories by exercising before breakfast


Dim Things down in the Evening

As the evening draws in, start to turn the TV and radio down a few notches and turn the lights down. This will draw you gently into a sleepy mode. By dimming the lights and winding down you will find it much easier to get to sleep at night, and wake up in the morning.


Early to Bed = Early to Rise

If you are getting up early and going to bed very late, the chances are you will be tired in the morning. Waking up tired is no way to look forward to mornings. Go to bed an hour earlier and see how you feel the next day. You don’t necessarily have to sleep in this hour; you could wind down by reading a book in bed, or watching a little bit of television.


Wash Your Hair the Night before

To slash time off of your morning routine, try washing your hair in the evening and putting it in a loose plait. If you have particularly curly hair and want it straight, do this in the evening and then go over it in the morning. And, don’t sleep with makeup on which means the stress of cleaning it off is added to your morning routine. There are many ways to become a morning person, and rushing around in the morning being stressed isn’t one of them.

Morning isn’t your enemy. Even on cold wintery days and Mondays (yes even Mondays!) can be conquered and faced with gusto and energy. Follow these ways to become a morning person and you’ll wonder why you ever stayed in bed, comforter tucked up to your nose, dreading the thought of getting up.

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Perfect...just what i needed to read ryt now....not a morning person!

One thing I've meant to ask early birds is: if you exercise in the morning but shower at night isn't it gross to not wash your hair or what would you do in that situation?

I can't eat breakfast before 11-12 or I end up throwing up! :/

Never going to be a morning person, but the tips are good.

This is very helpful and I enjoyed reading it!

Love the tips! Would love more tips!!❤️

You forgot the best reason of all. . . Morning Shag!!!!

Thanks for this! I'm in high school so this is really helpful

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