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8 Winning Ways to Streamline Your Mornings ...

By Lisa

If you find yourself being perpetually late for everything and are looking for ways to streamline your mornings, this post is a must-read! Whether you like to snooze as long as possible or you just seem to always run a little late, these simple ways to streamline your mornings will help you get ready faster and more efficiently!

1 Prep the Night before

When it comes to ways to streamline your mornings, it’s essential that you take advantage of the time you have the night before to prepare. Get your outfit ready, choose your shoes, shower and get any snacks or food ready to go for the next morning. Doing this will allow you more time to do more of the things you want to do instead of the things you have to do!

2 Multi-task Your Makeup Routine

One sure way to streamline your morning is to multi-task while you do your makeup. While you’re waiting for your moisturizer to dry, check out your eyebrows to see if there are any strays that need plucking. If you’re waiting for your foundation to set, why not start working on your hair? There’s no reason to sit and wait when you can easily streamline your makeup application routine!

3 Eat Smart

If you rarely eat breakfast before you walk out the door, at least pack something nutritious that you can eat on your commute or take the time to sit down for a bite before you go. Skipping breakfast is a big no no because you need it to jumpstart your metabolism and give you brain power. You can make a couple of days' worth of oatmeal in a crockpot and reheat, make smoothies the night before or stow fruit and yogurt in your bag for breakfast on the go.

4 Care for Hair

If your hair takes the most time to deal with in the morning, how about rethinking your styling routine? Wash and blow dry your hair at night so you don’t have to deal with styling wet hair under time constraints. In the morning, spritz your bedhead with some water and add some anti-frizz products to smooth things out. If your mane is still silky smooth after a good night’s sleep, style your hair with hot tools, put it in a bun or braid or throw on a hairband for an easy fix!

5 Stay Organized

An easy way to get ready faster is to keep all your morning must-haves in the same place. Don’t waste time going up and down the stairs gathering your things or going from room to room. Keep all of your personal items together so they’re easy to access and you won’t have to waste precious time searching for products! Also, keep your everyday makeup separate from your special occasion makeup so you’re not fumbling with products you don’t need.

6 Keep It Simple

Mornings are definitely not the time to experiment with new makeup, styling tools or complicated outfits. If you have a certain look in mind, plan for it ahead of time so you’re not left trying to fix any makeup or styling mishaps. I’m all for experimenting but let’s reserve that for days when you have more time for troubleshooting!

7 Pick Your Backups

Another way to streamline your morning is to always have backups on hand. Just in case the outfit you picked the night before doesn’t happen to work out, keep a few outfit ideas ready so that you’re not caught unprepared. Dresses are always a good bet because they allow you to look polished, professional and pretty in a matter of minutes!

8 Prep Your Purse

Get ready faster by keeping all your essentials in your bag. If you’re always looking for your keys, phone, wallet, etc., make it a habit to keep all these items visible or already organized in your purse so you don’t spend any unnecessary time hunting for them. Using a purse organizer is another easy way to keep things organized when you switch bags or just need some extra compartments to keep all your things together!

It’s so easy to get caught up in our morning routines and misuse precious moments looking for missing items or trying to achieve the perfect cat eye. Use these 8 simple and sensible tips to help you get ready faster and keep your sanity. Do you have any tips to streamline your morning routine?

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