7 Ways to Think outside the Box ...


7 Ways to Think outside the Box ...
7 Ways to Think outside the Box ...

We have all heard that clichéd term "Think Outside the Box," but how many of us actually know how to? Thinking outside the box really just means to think unconventionally, and not necessarily going for the obvious solution. Being asked to think in a new and innovative way isn’t as easy as turning on a light switch, but it can help us see and approach things in a whole new light. Here are 7 ways to think outside the box.

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Set It Aside

One of the sure-fire ways to think outside of that box is if you leave the task alone for a while. While it may seem counterproductive, leaving a task for a later time can actually prove more beneficial to you. Sounds sketchy right? Think of it this way: Have you ever been looking for something like your car keys or the remote control only to find it in the most unobvious place and only after you take a moment to STOP looking for it? Yes, it really IS possible to over think things and focusing on a specific task for an overly extended period of time can give you tunnel vision and actually cause you to LOSE your clarity of thought. If you have been racking your brain and the creative juices seem to have run dry, put your work down for a moment and come back to it later. Setting aside your work for a short time and focusing on something else gives your brain the break that it needs so that you can come back to it with a refreshed thought process, allowing you the opportunity for a more successful approach.


Get outside!

There is a reason that your job gives you vacation days and USING those gives your mind and body a break from the monotony of that day to day grind. Getting out of the office and taking in some fresh air allows you to shut off your brain for a little while and that much needed R&R can act like a system reboot for your cerebellum.


Ask a Child

Have you ever noticed that children always seem to have a simple, yet often times innovative way of looking at things? Their creativity and imagination are limitless and because of this, they can be a great source of inspiration. Ask a child how they would approach or solve a problem and you might be surprised at how quickly and simply a solution can be found.


Ask an Older Person

If children are a great source of inspiration when it comes to thinking outside the box, then older people are a great resource of information. The older generation has years of life experience and knowledge under their belt, and have witnessed first hand how innovation and creative thinking can change the world. Tap into that history and experience and use it to gain not just perspective, but a start in the right direction. Remember, they didn’t get those gray hairs for nothing!


Listen to Music

It’s a proven fact that music is a great mental stimulator as several parts of the brain are activated when listening to it and even more areas are activated when singing or playing it. Music literally gets your brain flowing and what better way to capitalize on the need for creativity than to throw on your favorite CD before you start working on that presentation for work.


Go opposite

Do you remember in your elementary school science class, when you were trying to define what something was your teacher told you to start by defining what it wasn’t? Believe it or not, thinking of things in terms of opposites can help you get a clearer, more precise picture of what it is you really want, thereby helping you achieve your goal or accomplish your mission that much quicker.


Work Backwards

Sometimes working a problem backwards can actually prove to be more beneficial than approaching a problem head on. By thinking of a goal and working backwards from it you are forcing your brain to conceptualize things in an atypical way, allowing you to see patterns or paths that you wouldn’t normally have noticed, thereby helping you simplify the steps needed to complete that goal, bringing it that much closer to its realization.

When it comes to thinking outside of the box, the MAIN goal is to unlimit yourself and let your creativity just flow, allowing for a far greater number of possibilities to be realized. We’ve given you some ways to think outside of the box, what are some methods that you think would be most beneficial?

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