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For some of us, writing comes as easily as breathing. The rest of us need a little something to get our creative juices flowing. Here are Holly's tips for creative writing that will definitely help you become a better writer. Thanks Holly!

As a wannabe writer, I dedicate the majority of my time to typing up stories. There are days when I can sit down and write for hours without issue. Other days, I end up wasting time on tumblr (although looking at Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t really a waste). If you ever need something to put you in the manuscript mood, give the following tips a try.

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Music is my favorite way to get into a character’s mind. If you’re writing a love scene, listen to Barry White. Or if you’re creating something comedic, try Weird Al. Nature sounds can also help when writing particular scenes. Go to rainymood.com if your scene takes place during a storm and go to YouTube for anything else.



Put your eavesdropping skills to use. If you need help with dialogue, listen to the conversation of those around you. Try to notice different dialects, slang words, and overall vocabulary. You can also watch your friends’ hand movements and expressions during conversations (just don’t forget to actually listen to what they’re saying).


Map It out

Whether your story takes place in a created world or the one we all inhabit, locations can get a bit confusing. If you’re getting streets or buildings mixed up, sketch out a grid of the town. If you need another visual, break out that old Sims game you’re dying to play and recreate the world on your computer.


Use Your Eyes

If you’re having difficulty creating characters, flick on the television or flip through a magazine. You’ll see a variety of physical traits that you can include in your story. But keep your originality; don’t steal one person’s look completely. Take a hairstyle here, a necklace there. Mix and match the traits to create your own unique characters.


Read and Read Some More

I like to reread my favorite books (check out the Divergent or Delirium trilogies) and highlight my favorite passages. Whenever I see a perfect plot twist or a metaphor phrased in just the right way, it stirs up my passion for written language. Reading novels by amazing authors causes me to strive to reach their level of talent.


Find Mistakes

Looking back at the mistake ridden short stories I wrote years ago gives me the motivation to write something better. By seeing the error of my ways, I’m able to pinpoint the areas I need to improve in. So break out those old papers. You might cringe at the flaws you made, but being able to recognize them means you’ve grown as a writer.



When you’re writing about a character you can’t relate to, describing their emotions can be a challenge. You have to keep in mind that everyone experiences the same feelings. Even if your character is a coldblooded murderer, you can relate to the anger he’s felt, just not to the same extent.

Writing is a great way to release creative energy, but scribbling up stories doesn't always come easy. I hope these tips help you the next time you’re having difficulties with your pen (or more realistically, your keyboard). Are there any more tips you have to help with the writing process?

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So helpful for literally all I my stories

I LOVE Divergent!!!!!!!! This really helped. Thx!!!! DIVERGENT!!!!!!!!

Thank you.....so helpful! I also keep my notebook near to my bed because if an idea came to my head and I didn't write it, it will disappear!

OMG thank you so much! I am listening to a song and it inspired me to write a narrative for English!!! Thx

Writing has been on my mind lately, , , I love the tips... Thanks. Will start.:-)

Thank you so much, this really helped :)

I love this article so much! Thanks for the great tips! I love writing and this put me in the mood to! I can't wait to put your tips to use!

Another good tip... Whenever you get a good idea, WRITE IT DOWN!! I keep a notebook by my bed in case, and sometimes I use my phone. Sometimes I find I can put those ideas together and come up with a good plot. :)

Thanks! Finals are around the corner and this article put me in the writing mood. Lol... Too bad it might not be the best time but we'll see...

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