7 Tips on Writing an Essay ...


7 Tips on Writing an Essay ...
7 Tips on Writing an Essay ...

Completing an essay can be a lengthy and difficult task, however there are so many tips on writing an essay that you might not know about! Of course, different kinds of essays may make these tips vary, and every tip might not work for you personally. With that said, if you're having some major writing block, you might want to give some of these tips on writing an essay a try!

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Turn down the Music

Everyone (including myself) has been caught saying, "But music helps me concentrate!" But we all know that this is a big, fat fib. Music is a huge distraction when it comes to writing an essay. How can you concentrate on trying to persuade your professor that plastic spoons are better than metal spoons if you're dancing in your seat to the latest song? I know it may be hard to face turning down that volume button but trust me, this is one of the most important tips on writing an essay I can give you!


Don't Hesitate

Staring at a blank piece of paper for 4 hours isn't going to get you anywhere. You have to just start writing. It doesn't matter if your first sentence is the worst sentence in the world because the first sentence is always the hardest! And you can go back and change it at any time! As long as you don't stare and zone out, the creative juices will start to flow and you'll have a full essay in no time!


Get Organized

Are you the kind of person who sits on your bed with your laptop on your stomach with your papers sprawled all over the sheets? If this reminds you of yourself, you might want to think about relocating. Remember that old desk with the wheely chair you have in the corner? Go sit there and lay out all of your research and tools in a nice, orderly fashion. Not only will this be much for comfortable, but you can use that time that you would've spent digging through your covers looking for your papers and finish your essay faster!


Quit the Personal Pronouns

Every English teacher I've ever had has told me this a billion times, "Stop using I, me, we, you, and all of the other personal pronouns in your essays!" Unless you're writing something about yourself, there isn't really a need for statements like, "I believe..." or "I think..." And they are so easy to get rid of! Most of the time your sentence will still make sense without them. Plus you will not believe how much more professional you sound when you quit these pests.


Make It Fun

I know this sounds like a ridiculous tip, but just hear me out. Writing an essay doesn't have to be the most boring task in the entire world. If you have the option of choosing your topic, then pick something you're actually interested in! I love books so last year I wrote an essay on literature of the civil war and guess what? I loved writing it and my teacher could tell just by reading my paper. Your work is something you should be proud of and passionate about. And if you are then your work will reflect it!


Write out of Order

Who said that you have to start writing an essay at the beginning? If you're totally stuck and you have no idea how to start your essay, then just skip the introduction and go to the body! Usually the body paragraphs of an essay are much easier because you don't have to worry about a hook or a zinger or any of that fun stuff. Plus you have all of your research to guide you. Just make sure that you go back to the introduction at the end. You might've gotten some fantastic inspiration by writing the rest of your essay and you don't want to forget that!



Before you jump into writing an essay, you have to have a game plan. Make an organization web or even a check list of things you have to mention in your essay. A guideline paper is something you can grab onto while you're trying to swim through the stormy seas of your essay. Everything will flow much better if you have something planned out that you know will work. Trust me, it's a lot better than going out and winging it!

Just the thought of writing an essay might bring tears to your eyes and you might go to long lengths to get out of writing one. But writing an essay is actually a lot easier than it is made out to be. With a little focus and a good game plan, writing an essay can actually be fun! Did any of these tips help? Have you tried any of these tips on your own?

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Unfortunately it is impossible to end up writing an essay about something you care about every time. I think there was only one essay I wrote in school that I actually gave two beans about- and it was a project where you were allowed to choose any topic on earth.

thanks for these tips!

If only it were an article for writing an essay on a limited amount of time ): finals week for me

And to make it more fun and interesting, write with personality.

I literally just finished writing a case study essay on cancer-related fatigue due in 6hours and I couldn't agree more with the music turned down haha . it becomes a major distraction *tsktsk* haha

P.E.E everywhere! Point Evidence, Explanation!

Hello, everyone! Take a look at this great guide to composing an easy essay quickly! Hope it helps. Good luck!

AQUA ~ Answer your prompt, quote your source, use unique analysis. :) Signed, another English teacher.

Outlines, essay structure, transitions, and drawing back to the title in your closing. If I've learned anything from all of my English classes, it's those.

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