7 Ways to Make an Effective First Impressions ...

By Casey

First Impressions — whether you like it or not, they’re effective and play a prominent role when meeting an individual for the first time. No matter whom you’re meeting or what you’re meeting for, you always want to have poise. Let the other person know that you have what it takes to accomplish and get things done. Just remember whatever first impression you leave will have a great influence so show off those shiny, white teeth, stand tall, and prepare yourself for whatever may come your way!

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Be on Time, Even Early

Leave yourself enough time so then when you do meet that future boss or that significant other you don’t have the unwelcome flushed, disheveled look. You don’t want to have to apologize before even stepping into the office building or room. Major no-no. You want to let the other person know that you’re reliable and nothing says reliable more than being prompt and on time. Your first priority in making an effective first impression is being on time.


Confidence is Key

Shoulders back, chin up. Confidence is key when making a first impression. No one wants to deal with someone who always looks like he or she has a chip on his or her shoulder. Relax the face and wipe off that unwelcoming, unfriendly look. It’s time to realize and make others realize that things aren’t so bad and could be worse. Make sure YOU know that YOU have what it takes. That way when leaving your first impression, the other person also knows that you have that special touch.



Be optimistic and smile! Your attitude can be seen and heard by every move you make and every thing you say. Try to keep calm even in light of criticism. Criticism in some cases should be welcomed so you know for the next time to fix whatever needs to be fixed or done. Maintaining a smile will put you and the other person at ease and cheerful!


Know Your Audience

Know whom you are meeting. It’s as easy as Google-ing him or her! Just by looking into the person, you may be able to dig up and find information about the company you are interviewing with which would really "wow" the person who is interviewing you. You always want to use the right tone and language. Definitely do not talk to your future boss, the way you would speak to your BFF. Conversations and interviews require thought, so think about who you are speaking to beforehand.


Always Be Prepared

Be ready for those questions that you thought he or she would never ask. Anyone can ask you anything at any time. As long as you’re attentive and are ready for whatever may come your way, nothing will surprise you. Turn off your phone and any other device that may be a distraction to making a hell of a first impression. Nothing and nobody can help you prepare for the big day other than yourself.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

Appropriate Presentation

When trying to snag a new job, you want to dress the part. What you wear will give the person you are meeting, a little insight as to who you are before even speaking. If you’re going into a music store to work as a clerk, a suit really does not fit the part, but if you’re going to get a corporate job, the suit will do. When dressed appropriately, you will feel the part and the better you will feel about yourself, the better off you will be.


No Fidgeting

Have you ever realized how ridiculous women look when they play with their hair or bite their nails or men, when they nibble on their hands or constantly check their watch when talking and meeting new people? Well if you haven’t realized, now you will, and now you’ll be conscious of it too. It’s unattractive and definitely ineffective when trying to make a fine first impression.

Now that you have the tools and what it takes to make an effective first impression, get out there and start expanding your horizons. Its time to go on that interview you’ve been avoiding or go to the bar with your friends and meet new people. If you believe in yourself, you’ll start radiating confidence and positivity, which others can sense. Prep yourself for whatever may come your way and go for it. You have nothing to lose, but opportunity. Do you believe that you have what it takes to leave an amazing first impression?

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Yes first impressions are lasting impressions that stay with someone forever. This is very true that you want it to be more and above. Thank you for the tips!