7 Tips on How to Be More Focused While Studying ...


7 Tips on How to Be More Focused While Studying ...
7 Tips on How to Be More Focused While Studying ...

I don’t know about you, but when I have to study, and that usually being quite often, I always seem to find another urgent matter that needs solving, so I really need to remind myself from time to time how to be more focused while studying. If my description resembles you too, there’s no need to worry because a lot of people have trouble managing their time or their attention efficiently, especially during study periods or during work hours. I think that like any other behavior, studying also needs a lot of practice in order for someone to get it right with little effort and at the same time, to obtain the desired and expected results. I will present you next a few tips on how to be more focused while studying, tips that I discovered some time ago and that have helped me a lot during my final exams.

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Get Rid of All the Distractions

I think that letting go of all the distractions that may appear while studying is the hardest step for anyone to take. Well, problem solved! That’s why I’m here: to show you how to be more focused while studying. I know, I know, temptations are everywhere! You must learn to say no, no matter how sweet they are. You must keep in mind that you have a final objective that you must achieve and you’ll see that once you’ll remember the purpose of all your studying, it will be easier for you to get rid of all the things that could distract your attention. You can always reward yourself (of course after you have successfully studied for a certain period of time) by checking your Facebook account, your Twitter account or by spending a little time doing something relaxing that you really really love. But, don’t forget, you must get back to studying right away!


Always Keep a Positive Attitude

Especially when you study, you should always keep your mind open and let go of all your pessimistic thoughts that might come up when you discover the amount of the studying you’ll have to do. Quit seeing the empty half of the glass! A lot of students tend to perceive in a negative manner the homework or the studying they’ll have to do. Yet, by obtaining satisfying results at a certain exam, could get you one step closer to the career you have always dreamed about. So, always keep in mind your desired goal and then, its achievement will only be a matter of time.


Collaborate or Use Study Groups

You should learn how to benefit from the knowledge your colleagues may have and you could join a study group or you could try to collaborate with a fellow-student that you get along with and who could help you understand certain aspects that could make your studying much easier. If you want to join a study group, keep in mind that the best learning these groups can facilitate is when they are formed of three, maximum five people. The larger the group will be, the more difficult will be for everyone to participate in the discussions. So, don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it!


Get Your Subconscious to Work

After an entire day of studying and taking notes it will be better for you to just relax and take some time to yourself. A little break after all that effort could only do you well. This way, the next day you will be able to absorb all that knowledge that you need, much faster and you will work at full capacity. Also, organizing and revising all your notes before going to bed is extremely important. This way, your subconscious will store much better all the knowledge that you acquired during the day.


Always Take Notes

All that notes that you should take during your studying will later test your ability to recognize the important information and also they will enhance your ability to keep in mind everything that you will need in order to obtain the highest score on your test or exam. This is the ideal method for remembering all the definition, formula or lists that you need to remember. Also, this is the perfect method of learning for when you have a large number of materials to study. If you prefer, you can even record the important aspects of the things you have to study; this will always be useful to you or to your colleagues.


Eat Properly

The statement "you are what you eat" is, in some cases, very true. You should never be eating too much one night before the exam and you should totally avoid all unhealthy food. You should definitely say no to all the snacks, fast-food or whatever unhealthy stuff that may temp you because of all that stress caused by the exam. All that sugar could affect negatively your brain and you will feel slow and tired during the exam.


Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

It is perfectly normal from time to time to have days when you can’t simply study and you feel like you can’t remember anything and also, days when you can’t stop learning all kind of things, even the ones that you don’t need to. You should study harder when you feel up for that and relax when you feel the need to. Don’t push yourself too hard! I’m sure that if you followed all my advice you will do just fine. Always remember your goals and the rest will come easily!

In conclusion, I believe that there’s no perfect recipe for getting good grades at an exam, only really hard work could assure you that. So, in order to succeed in obtaining what you wish for, it is extremely important to stay focused while studying and always keep in mind your objectives. I hope that you’ll find my tips very useful and I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of other things that I could do for being more focused when I need to. Could you tell me any other good tips on how to be more focused while studying? Please share!

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My procrastination is reading articles on how to study... god. I have a biology exam in two days and I just can't seem to focus on anything! now I'll have to cram tomorrow ahh

I'm reading this as I procrastinate over math

It's ironic how I am reading this while holding a text book, trying to finish an important chapter...

I'm reading this while I have a bunch of tests to study for 😒😒😞😞

Ha! I'm reading this though I have 3 incomplete assignments to hand in before next week

Great tips though.. My exams are up in two months so I'm going to use these tips... I think they'll work...

I'm reading this while I procrastinate my summer assignments

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