8 Ways to Streamline Your Mornings ...

There are many ways to streamline your mornings and make for a more pleasant start. Now is as good a time as any to put them into action! Kick up your mindfulness and wake up to calm so you can go-go-go from the minute you get out of bed. You’ll see that you actually start looking forward to waking up more, too! Read on for great ways to streamline your mornings.

1. Lunch at Dinnertime

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The first thing you can do towards the ways to streamline your mornings is pack your lunch the night before. I like to pack my lunch at dinnertime the previous night, when I already have food out or leftovers that I’m packing away. Think about snacks around the clock the next day as well, and you’ll be set! Pack everything non-perishable in your bag, and anything in the fridge together in the very front so that you can just grab it and go! (If you're helping a sweetie or kiddo pack their lunch, too, stash a surprise napkin note as well! Or even write yourself a favorite quote or mantra for an extra lunchtime smile.)

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