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7 Simple Tips on How to Make Your Morning Routine Faster and Smoother ...

By Eliza

If you’re wondering how to make your morning routine faster, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been getting up and ready for the day for several decades now. Once I put kids into the mix, it got pretty hectic. With time and practice, I have the routine down to a science. That doesn’t mean we’re never running late or frustrated with each other, but mornings are definitely better than they could be. Check out these tips for how to make your morning routine faster, but let me know what works for you too!

1 Pack Your Lunch at Dinner

How many times have you been madly rushing around the house trying to get lunches ready five minutes after you should have left the house? We’ve all been there. So one of the best tips for how to make your morning routine faster is to make your lunch the night before. I usually pack lunches while I make dinner. That way we get to eat yummy leftovers and I can throw together tomorrow’s meal at the same time, which saves minutes in the morning and still results in a tasty lunch.

2 Lay out Your Clothes

If you’re anything like me, choosing an outfit can take some time. After all, you have to consider the weather, the event and your accessories. That’s why I decide what I’ll wear the night before. I do the same for my kids. Each of them chooses their clothes and lays them on the end of their bed. That way, in the morning everyone can get dressed without screaming that they can’t find the jeans they want or their favorite hoodie is missing.


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3 Find Shoes

If I got a nickel for every morning I spend hunting down one of the kids’ missing shoes, I’d be a millionaire. That’s why our routine includes placing shoes by the front door. When it’s time to head out the door, everyone has a matching pair of shoes waiting for them to slip on and go.

4 Check Bags

Whether you brought home work and need to be sure you have it tomorrow or your kids need you to go through their assignments and sign permission slips, doing that the night before is vital for ensuring a smooth morning routine. Check bags, folders and your briefcase and make sure all necessary items are in there before you head to bed. Put everything by the front door so nothing gets left behind.

5 Get up Earlier

I know – it sounds awful! But you have to get up anyway, so what’s a few extra minutes if it saves you some sanity? I try to rise and shine about 30 minutes before the kids and dogs need my attention. That gives me just enough time to get my hair and make-up in place before I have to start pouring cereal and tying shoes.

6 Plan Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so whether you’re alone or have a houseful of family, plan out breakfast so you’re ready with a healthy and filling meal before you head out the door. Make a pan of hard-boiled eggs while you get ready or even the night before. Pair them with an apple and a slice of toast and you're set for the entire morning with only a few minutes of effort. Pour cereal and top with berries and milk and breakfast is ready in under five minutes.

7 Remain Calm

Nothing slows you down like freaking out. Granted, I’m as guilty as the next person. I hate the walk of shame that I have to take through the school office to check in my tardy kids, so the idea that we won’t make it on time really stresses me out. I’ve found that staying calm keeps my kids on track, but getting upset derails the whole process. Take a deep breath and keep going. You’re almost ready to go!

How do you make the morning go faster? Keeping the television off sure helps! Give me some new tips to try!

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