5 Tools to Help Make Your Morning Routine Easier ...


5 Tools to Help Make Your Morning Routine Easier ...
5 Tools to Help Make Your Morning Routine Easier ...

I think we could all use some tools to make your morning routine easier. We’ve all been there, waking up to an obnoxious sound. That sound being your alarm clock...that you’ve snoozed 5 times. You jump out of bed, throwing your covers onto the ground. You tell yourself that you’ll make your bed later but deep down you know you never will. You scramble to put your hair in a messy bun and attempt to put mascara on but applying it to everything but your eyelashes. Then rushing out the door, forgetting your wallet and only noticing you left it when you can't find it while you’re ordering a venti black coffee. Sound familiar? If so, like many other women, I strive to find things that will make my busy mornings a breeze. Here are some tools to make your morning routine easier.

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Detangler Brush

This will help not pull your hair out of your skull when fastly brushing your hair in the morning to make it look like an effort was put in. It's one of the best tools to make your morning routine easier.


Consider Fake Eyelashes

I know, I know, you may be wondering how this could be a potential time saver. Dealing with the frustration of the application itself could put you back a couple minutes. But consider investing in eyelash extensions or taking the time to practice applying fake eyelashes. I promise it will save so much time and look like you woke up on time. That is now my to go look when time is in a crunch!


Dry Shampoo/Texturizing Spray

If morning showers are part of your routine, you know that waking up late takes that soothing habit away. So, when you’re in a bind, with the right dry shampoo and/or a texturizing spray you will look like you spent a good hour on those gorgeous locks. You’ll be able to pull off that bed head unintentionally
**Disclaimer* you should not use this as a substitute for an actual shower. ;)


Wrinkle Releaser

This will be your lifesaver for late mornings. It’s great for those insubordinate shirts, skirts and blazers.


Phone Case with Built-in Wallet

Remember earlier when you left your wallet at home and had to pass on the only thing that would keep you sane during the day? By finding a sturdy phone case that can hold all your cards and coffee punch cards, you’ll always be prepared.

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