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Alternatives to Plastic Wrap That Are Good for the Environment ...

By Deeceebee

With the state of the environment worse than it has ever been, we should all be looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and eco-conscious in our every day lives. Of all the aspects to focus on, our overuse of plastic is something that we can all start to make a change with right now. If we don’t act soon, it’s going to be too late! Here are some great alternatives to cling film and plastic wrap that you use all the time.

1 Rethink Leftovers Storage

It’s easy to cover and wrap your food leftovers with cling film, but there are other ways to do the job. You can put leftovers in a bowl and use a plate to cover it as a lid, and some foods that you have been wrapping up like hard cheese have actually been proven to be better off out of plastic. If you absolutely must wrap your items, then why not use greaseproof paper and some string instead like in the old days or foil?

2 Crockery Microwaving

Stop covering your bowls in cling film to heat food up in the microwave. It stops splatter, sure, but it is also one use and terrible for the environment. Instead, simply place a plate over the top of the bowl and you can achieve the exact same thing: heating and splatter protection but without the plastic wastage.


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3 Sandwich Covers

Spend a little bit more money and buy sandwich wraps instead of using cling film to keep them fresh. They are usually made out of eco-friendly things like beeswax, organic cotton, tree resin, and jojoba oil, which makes them completely biodegradable. And best of all, they are reusable, unlike the cling film that you have been using and throwing away for so long.

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