Great Tips to save Time on Your Routine Every Morning ...


Great Tips to save Time on Your Routine Every Morning ...
Great Tips to save Time on Your Routine Every Morning ...

If you struggle to do all the things you want to do in the morning and still get out of the door in time for work or class, it’s probably because you’re either trying to do too much or you aren’t getting up early enough. You can whip your morning routine into shape with a few simple tweaks and tricks.

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Evening Shower

face, eyebrow, clothing, beauty, head, The first thing you can do to cut down your morning routine is get in to the habit of having a shower the night before rather than in the morning. You would be amazed at just how much time this can save, as not only do you now have to have the shower when you wake up, but you also don’t have to contend with drying your hair, getting dressed while your body is still clammy etc. Save the hassle and do all of that before you go to bed! Your hair is also easier to still when it’s not just damp from the shower.


Lay out Your Outfit

clothing, dress, leg, fashion, thigh, Instead of rifling through your wardrobe to try and put together an outfit that matches with 10 minutes to go in the morning, spend a leisurely few minutes finding an outfit the evening before and laying it out on your dresser to easily slip in to when you wake up. This saves so much time and takes away a lot of the stress that some women feel before they have even had a cup of coffee to get them going!


Set a Timer

white, black, photograph, clothing, person, If you are the kind of girl that enjoys a challenge, set yourself a timer for how long you have to get ready in the mornings. Knowing that you are doing something against the clock means that you will be much less likely to start procrastinating and wasting time. To make it even more of an important routine, make it so that if you go over the time, you are not allowed to treat yourself to that Starbucks on the way to work!



clothing, fur, sleeve, hairstyle, leather, How many times have you been running late to work because of something silly like you couldn’t find your phone or your keys? To eliminate this problem, make the effort to pack your handbag with all of the day’s essentials before you go to bed. By doing this, it means that you can still be half asleep and know for sure that you have everything that you need to get through the day!



dish, meal, food, breakfast, dessert, And likewise with food: make lunch for yourself when you have leisure time in the evening to put in the refrigerator overnight. This means that A, you won’t have to rush around in the mornings and risk making a mess, and B, you won’t be tempted to grab something unhealthy that doesn’t need much preparing. It saves times and also saves your waistline! Saves money over buying lunch too.


Change Your Clocks

clothing, footwear, leg, finger, arm, It might be a bit extreme, but if you are somebody who just cannot seem to speed up in the mornings, then trick your body in to action by moving your clocks forward ten or fifteen minutes. That way, you might think you are running late but in truth you will get to the office in good time!


Simple Breakfast

meal, eating, breakfast, cook, food, Make the most of all of the great breakfast foods on the market that offer a simple and, most importantly, quick start to the day. If you don’t have time to be making pancakes and waffles, then switch the healthy cereals or breakfast bars instead. It only takes a few minutes to blend a smoothie if you prepare the ingredients the night before and you can even drink it while on your commute.


Use a Wrinkle Releaser

color, clothing, person, girl, photography, Busy girls don't have time to iron, so instead, they opt for a nice spray on wrinkle release agent. This prevents them from having to pull out the iron, board, wait for heat up time, and still has them looking fabulous. A clothes steamer is also a great choice for stubborn wrinkles.


Drink a Glass of Warm Water

footwear, person, human positions, sitting, leg, This is a great trick, not only does it give you a jumpstart on daily water intake, but it also boosts your energy making you more productive in the morning and you get things done quicker.


Starting your day with warm water can also help to kick-start your metabolism and aid in digestion, which means less time spent feeling sluggish or dealing with an upset stomach. It's a simple switch that can pave the way for a more energized and efficient morning, allowing you to seamlessly move through your routine. Plus, it's an excellent way to hydrate your body after a night's sleep, ensuring that you're replenishing any fluids you've lost and supporting overall health.


MultitaskiNg Makeup

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose, Nothing wastes more time in the morning like a lengthy makeup regiment. Using multitasking products like a red stain that doubles as lipstick and blush will cut time. They even make eyeshadow sticks that you swipe and go.

It’s easy to elongate or over-complicate your morning routine and it isn’t really necessary. Form good habits and waking up and getting out the door will be a breeze.

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Shower is a must each morning for me; nomatter how late I'm running:). Otherwise I agree with all other tips.


Yep. I do just about all of those.



Will try

These tips are all extremely helpful

I agree especially laying out clothes overnight but i am happy with a shower in the morning it refreshes you and to be honest if you are attempting to shave 30 mins off your day then maybe you should be taking it easy simples

Nice tips I agree with you

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