7 Gut Feelings You Should Never Ignore ...

Sometimes, your gut will be able to tell you something important, even though your head has no idea why you're feeling uneasy. That's why Cosmopolitan suggests that you should never ignore these gut feelings:

1. That This Tinder Guy is Not Worth Meeting

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If you have a bad feeling about him, then don't meet him in person.

2. That Your Designated Driver Had More than One Drink

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Never get in the car with someone that you think has been drinking. You don't want to end up injured.

3. That You Didn't Bring Your Keys

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It never hurts to check. If you think you forgot something, look for it before you leave.

4. That You Didn't Turn off the Oven/turn off Your Hair Straightener/blow out the Scented Candle/something else That Will Probably Burn Your House down in a Giant Explosion

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If you're still close to your house, you might as well check on those things. It's better to be safe than sorry.

5. That Your Friend is Not OK Even Though She Keeps Saying She is

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You don't want to pester her by asking if she's okay again and again, but you should try to be there for her if you sense something is wrong.

6. Not Feeling Sure if You Should Grab a Condom or Not

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If you're sexually active, always have a condom on you. It can never hurt.

7. When You're with a Guy and Suddenly Start Feeling Uncomfortable for Any Reason

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You're always allowed to leave. If a guy is giving off a bad vibe, get out of there.

Do you usually go with your gut?

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