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You don't have to talk to someone in order to figure out what they're feeling. All you have to do is look at them. Their body language will give their emotions away. If you're not great at reading people, here are a few ways to tell how someone is feeling based on their body language:

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Anticipation If someone is rubbing their hands together, is licking their lips, and is having trouble sitting still, it suggests that they're in anticipation. Of course, it's hard to tell if they're excited or worried over it.



Boredom It's easy to tell if someone is bored in class or at work. If you see them yawn, tap their feet, or slouch, then they'd rather be somewhere else. If you're talking to them, and they aren't making eye contact, then they're probably tired of listening to you speak.



Desire It's not all that hard to tell when someone is turned on. If you see their pupils dilate, notice that they're making extended eye contact with you, or that they're touching their hair, then they're feeling frisky.



screenshot, Someone is disgusted if they crinkle their nose, curl their lips, and start to gag. It's all pretty obvious.



Embarrassment It's clear that someone is embarrassed if they start to blush, stammar, bow their head, or look away from you.

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Happy Happiness is easy to find. It happens when someone is smiling, laughing, crinkling their eyes, or doing a little dance.



Jealous A person is probably jealous if their lips are tight, their eyes are narrowed, and their arms are crossed.



Sad If someone's body droops or shakes, they're sad. Dragging their feet is another sign of the emotion.



Shy If someone is blushing, refusing to make eye contact, and folding their arms, then they might be feeling a little shy.



Attentive It's clear that you have someone's attention if they're leaning forward, furrowing their brow, and mirroring (or copying) your movements.



Annoyed If someone is narrowing their eyes, pressing their lips together, and sighing, then they're probably annoyed with you.



Angry Anger is easy to spot. It happens when someone shakes, has red cheeks, bared teeth, or tight lips.



person, A person is scared if their shoulders are hunched, mouth is open, legs are shaking, and body is rocking.


Fear is a powerful emotion that can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Body language is one of the most common ways people express fear. When a person is scared, their body language can tell a lot about how they are feeling.

One of the most common signs of fear is hunched shoulders. People will often hunch their shoulders when they are feeling scared, as a way to protect their body from whatever is causing them fear. Another common sign of fear is an open mouth. People may open their mouths when they are scared as a way to take in more oxygen to help them cope with their fear.

Shaking legs and rocking of the body are also common signs of fear. People may shake their legs as a way to release tension and energy that has built up due to the fear. Rocking of the body is often seen in people who are feeling scared, as a way to comfort themselves.

Fear can also be expressed through facial expressions. People may have a wide-eyed look, as if they are in shock or disbelief. They may also have a furrowed brow, as if they are trying to process the fear they are feeling.



hair, person, nose, hairstyle, singer, Someone is feeling playful if they decide to wink at you, nudge you, or tickle you.



Shock If someone places their hands over their mouth, has wide eyes, or takes a step back, then they're probably in shock over what has just happened.



Suspicion If someone narrows their eyes at you, raises their eyebrows, or shakes their head, then they might be suspicious. That means they don't believe the words that just came out of your mouth.



hair, person, hairstyle, screenshot, action film, If someone is gripping the thing that they're holding tightly, placing their palms against their forehead, and opening their eyes up wide, then they might be feeling overwhelmed with the situation at hand.

The way a person is sitting can tell you a lot about how they're feeling. That's why you need to learn to pay attention to every move a person makes. Are you a pro when it comes to reading body language?


Body language is an important part of communication, and being able to recognize the signals that someone is giving off can be a valuable tool in understanding how they feel. In the case of feeling overwhelmed, a person may be gripping an object tightly and placing their palms against their forehead, with their eyes wide open. This is a sign of distress that can be used to identify when someone is feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to body language, facial expressions can also be used to help identify how someone is feeling. A person who is feeling overwhelmed may have a look of confusion, fear, or worry on their face. Their mouth may be open slightly, and their eyes may be wide and unfocused. They may also have a tense posture, with their shoulders hunched and their body leaning away from the source of their distress.

It's important to remember that everyone expresses emotions differently, and the signs of feeling overwhelmed may be different for each person. That's why it's important to pay attention to the subtle cues that someone is giving off, and to be aware of how their body language is changing.

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I agree, when I was at my old gym I did get some body language from one of the personal trainers, instead of talking to me the situation made me uncomfortable so I had no choice but to leave. I just wished he had talked to me, words are easier to understand.

Interesting but even though action speaks louder than words supposedly i would rather people just said it rather than use body language then i don't get the wrong end of the stick as it were.... w

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