32 Things You Never Knew about Body Language and Gestures ...


32 Things You Never Knew about Body Language and Gestures ...
32 Things You Never Knew about Body Language and Gestures ...

Even though body language can help you figure out how someone is feeling, your assumptions aren't always accurate. After all, one gesture can mean a million different things. For instance, you might cross your arms when you're angry, or when you're cold, or when you're nervous.

That's why you can't rely on all of the things that you've learned about body language in the past. Some of it just won't apply in most situations.

If you're interested in the science behind body language, then you should watch this video from Mental Floss. It'll tell you everything you need to know about how humans communicate.

What other things do you know about body language?

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Body language can be deceiving ...

It scared me too XD

Wonder why the included that demon face randomly too! Haha. Also I agree that body language to some extent is not exactly implying what studies have "proved" in the past. For instance, women without knowing (completely calm and confident) playing with their hair in public. Why is that considered in society strictly, showing she is nervous. If she was or wasn't in public and does that. Looking more into at micro expressions is where we can eliminate and narrow down to the more appropriate details.

Um that random demon though lol scared me!

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