7 Ways to Deal with Your Emotions by Writing ...

By Holly

When life gets rough, it can be tough to find healthy ways to deal with your emotions. Some people go down the wrong road and end up hurting themselves mentally or physically. There are always going to be bad moments in life, but you have to learn to handle the pain. If you need better ways to deal with your emotions, try picking up a pen or tapping on your keyboard.

1 Write What’s Wrong

What’s bothering you about your life right now? Write it down and reread what you wrote. Sometimes you’re not sure what the true cause of your sadness is, but by scribbling out issues, you can figure out what’s bothering you. It’s also a good way to feel like you’re talking about your feelings without actually telling any of your friends. One of the healthiest ways to deal with your emotions is by writing them down. Understanding what’s wrong is the first step to fixing the problem.

2 Throw Away Letter

Is there one person in particular that’s bothering you? Maybe it’s a friend or parent or teacher. Whoever the problem is, write a letter for them. Be as blunt as possible about why you’re upset with them and include as many details as possible. When you’ve said all you have to say, tear the letter up. Now that your bottled up emotions are released, you can have a calm conversation with them without getting too angry.

3 Sealed and Delivered

While speaking to someone face to face is usually best, it can occasionally be better to write letters. If you know the person you want to talk to is going to cut you off or get too angry to listen to you, they might respond better in a letter. Start by writing like you would in the last activity: be as blunt as possible. Then rewrite your letter again and again until you have a product that won’t backfire. If you decide to actually deliver the letter, make sure your words aren’t too harsh.

4 List Lovely Life Moments

What was the greatest thing that ever happened to you? When you’re upset, think of your best memories. Write down your favorite moments in life and explain why they were so fantastic. Remembering the times you were happy will make you appreciate the fact that you have such good memories. Know that the fun isn’t finished and there’s more to come in the future!

5 Gather Your Goals

Everyone wants to be as happy as possible. If you’re not satisfied with your life, write down the things that you want to change. Listing your goals will give you a general idea of how you should handle your situation. If your goals are large ones, break them down into smaller steps. When you have little tasks to accomplish every day, it’ll make you feel accomplished, like you’re heading down the right path.

6 Perceived Perfection

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing! Create a story about a character that lives a perfect life. What characteristics did you give her? What personality does she have? By realizing how you perceive perfection, you can get a better idea of why you think you don’t measure up.

7 Write Write Write

Here’s another one for those of you who enjoy creative writing. Create a story about a character that’s going through something similar to you. Describing how the character feels will be therapeutic for you. It’s secondhand venting. Believe it or not, it can really help.

Whether you keep a journal that you write in daily or never pick up a pen, try at least one of these activities. You never know what will make you feel better after a rough day. Has writing helped you through hard times?

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