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9 Ways to Release Your Anger in a Positive Way ...

By Ronda

Many people may be surprised to know that there are effective ways to release your anger. We all have experienced anger in our lives, and sometimes we look for the obvious to express our frustrations. Punching a wall and screaming obscenities may be a short term relief, but it will not fix the problem. Long term anger can lead to serious health problems down the road. Take a look at some effective ways to release your anger that have been helpful for me.

1 Pray

PrayIt doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are, what counts is the faith you have in your heart. To some degree, we all get our guidance from some sort of higher power. Find a connection with your inner self and let your anger go. It may take some practice, but you will soon find that it may help. Prayer can allow you to gain inner strength to let it go, which is why it tops my list of the best ways to release your anger.

2 Rest

RestInstead of causing destruction to anything and anyone in your way, take a nap. Take the time to channel your anger through complete relaxation. Sleep or resting for a mere twenty minutes can leave you feeling rejuvenated. In some cases, it will make you forget what made you angry in the first place.


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3 Talk It out

Talk It outThat’s what friends are for, right? It’s OK to tell a close, trusting girlfriend what is going on in your life. Most of the time, all we want is for someone to listen and not necessarily spew out advice. We all go through tough times so it is normal to vent your frustrations. Most likely, you will feel better afterwards.

4 Play with a Pet

Play with a PetStudies show that having a pet can definitely reduce stress. I believe that it will do the same for irritability. Most pets love play time, so take advantage of their friendliness. Set aside a few minutes for cuddle time with the family cat or dog. There is no way you can stay angry after you roll around the floor with a cute fur baby. if you don’t own a pet, go to your local zoo or petting farm. The effect will be the same.

5 Write It down

Write It downWhen I was in high school, I was going through the roller-coaster of change and adjustment. I wrote my feelings down through a form of poetry, and it helped. You don’t necessarily have to be interested in poetry, you can just jot down what you are feeling at the time. Journaling your thoughts can be whatever you want it to be. To your surprise, you may feel better after you expressed your tension on paper.

6 Exercise

ExerciseAny form of exercise can pretty much relieve everything from headaches to insomnia. When you have that moment of anger, hit the gym. Take a kick boxing class, try yoga or simply take a walk in the park. Guaranteed, when you are finished, you will feel like a new woman. A good sweat can release chemicals that are beneficial to your mind as well as your body.

7 Drink Tea

Drink TeaI am an avid tea drinker. I like to try all different kinds. It does not matter what mood I am in, a good herbal tea will always make me feel even better. Try a tea choice that specializes in mood boosting, such as chamomile, lavender or a chai blend. Herbal tea contain antioxidants and Vitamin C that your mind needs to stay healthy.

8 Watch a Comedy

Watch a ComedyAnother way to turn your frown upside down is to watch a funny movie. Choose a favorite flick that is sure to make you laugh until you cry. There are hundreds of old and new movies that are available to boost your mood. Lose yourself for a couple hours in an enjoyable story that will take your mind away from your troubles. Laughter is the best medicine to cure the anger blues.

9 Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Listen to Your Favorite TunesIf you ask just about anyone who was in a bad mood what they do to feel better, most people will say listening to music. Today's technology allows us to enjoy music in the simplest form. MP3 players are relatively cheap and readily available for your enjoyment. There is nothing better than hearing your favorite record to boost your mood. Feel-good music is exactly what it is. Turn the volume up and that anger will melt away.

It is natural to have feeling of sadness or anger. What is not natural is to fester in that anger until it gets worse. There are many different ways to channel that negative energy to something positive. What are some ways you deal with anger?

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