9 Ways to Release Your Anger in a Positive Way ...

Many people may be surprised to know that there are effective ways to release your anger. We all have experienced anger in our lives, and sometimes we look for the obvious to express our frustrations. Punching a wall and screaming obscenities may be a short term relief, but it will not fix the problem. Long term anger can lead to serious health problems down the road. Take a look at some effective ways to release your anger that have been helpful for me.

1. Pray

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It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are, what counts is the faith you have in your heart. To some degree, we all get our guidance from some sort of higher power. Find a connection with your inner self and let your anger go. It may take some practice, but you will soon find that it may help. Prayer can allow you to gain inner strength to let it go, which is why it tops my list of the best ways to release your anger.

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