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9 Ways to Release Your Anger in a Positive Way ...

By Erica

Whenever you find yourself mad you should find positive ways to release your anger. I don’t get angry very often, but when I do I make sure to find an outlet to release it through. The key is to find an outlet which will help you calm down, so that people or objects do not become a target to take your anger out on. I have a few things I like to do when I’m upset and hopefully you will find a few ways to release your anger positively as well!

1 Crying

CryingCrying is one of many perfect ways to release your anger! Every time I find myself angry I always feel like I want to cry, so I do, and always feel much better afterwards. This is your body’s natural response to release tension and clear your mind. So let it out; don’t try to hold back your tears - your body wants you to cry for a reason. You will feel much better and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day.

2 Start a Journal

Start a JournalIf you tend to get angry a lot, start a journal and write down your thoughts. You can say anything you want in a journal without hurting anyone’s feelings. You can also go back and read your thoughts and review exactly what it was that made you angry. Use it as a tool to get your anger out, identify what it was that made you angry, and try to avoid those types of situations in the future. This is especially great if you don’t like to talk to others when you are upset, because you can trust your journal not to judge you, and to let you express everything it is that you want to get out.

3 Work out

Work outHead for the treadmill and run your anger away, or grab a punching bag and hit it as hard as you can! Going to the gym is great if you tend to get physical when angry. You can release all of the anger that is being built up inside of you, and avoid escalating anymore. Find a good spot and throw in a pair of headphones, block out everyone around you, and get a great workout in. Working out has been proven to relieve stress and tension, lightening your mood, even if it is only for 10 minutes.

4 Find a Hobby

Find a HobbyI know it seems kiddie, but I have found coloring to be a great stress reliever. It distracts me from thinking about whatever reason I am upset and it's fun! Coloring books aren’t expensive either, so I have invested in a few, and I just color away. I think you will find the activity very calming, so try it out. Or find another hobby that calms you. I have also found painting to be very relaxing.

5 Find Something to Laugh at

Find Something to Laugh atWith so many social media tools, it won’t be hard to find something to laugh at. Apps like Vine are made especially for that purpose, because people want to make others laugh. If I am having a bad day I go on Vine and watch a couple of videos and usually forget that I am angry. Maybe it would even be a good idea to create a Vine or two, if you’re into that kind of thing. Use social media to your advantage.

6 Go Shopping

Go ShoppingWho doesn’t love to shop? Shopping always takes my mind off of things I probably shouldn’t dwell on. Now when I say shop I don’t mean go out and blow all of your money; buy yourself a small get better gift, or buy things that you need. Any kind of shopping makes me feel better, as long as I’m spending a little money. Just remember not to overdo it.

7 Call a Close Friend

Call a Close FriendYou should definitely utilize your friendships if you like to discuss why you are angry. That’s what friends are for right? They are there to cheer you up, or calm you down when you need it. So call your best friend and release all the anger you’re holding inside. If your best friend can’t calm you down then who can? Find someone to confide in.

8 Jam out

Jam outMusic has always been an outlet to release any kind of emotion. There are so many genres to choose from that you can easily be cheered up from listening to a couple of tunes. Find a song to scream to and then listen to your favorite song to cheer you up. Music in general makes me happier no matter what, and after crying I always turn to music next. Music requires nothing from you but an ear.

9 Eat!

Eat!We are famous for eating our problems away, but the majority of us reach for junk food. Instead of reaching for cookies or ice cream try eating something healthy. Eat pistachios, walnuts, or dark chocolate. They all release the same chemical that some mood-enhancing prescription drugs do. These foods will cheer you up without packing on any unwanted pounds.

When you find yourself angry try something I’ve listed to see if it will help. I guarantee that one of them will help you release your anger without taking it out on someone or something. Have you tried, or plan on trying any of the above when angry?

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