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7 Ways to Cope with the Post-Christmas Come down ...

By Ceri

Christmas is a time of parties, presents and over-indulgence, and with all that fun, it’s not surprising that most of us come January, feel a post-Christmas come down. The third Monday in January is often called the most depressing day of the year as it dark, cold and the day we’re saddled with credit card bills. But, don’t despair! There are plenty of things to enjoy over the coming months, and here are 7 tips on how to cope with the post-Christmas come down!

1 Relax

A sure way to deal with the post-Christmas come down is to relax! Although the festive season is fun-filled, it is also draining, on both you and your bank account! Take the month of January to relax and recover. Stay in with a good book and a few choice dvds, a bubble bath and a glass of wine or even a couple of duvet days!

2 Don’t Punish Yourself

The most popular New Year’s resolutions we all make include “lose the Christmas weight”, “get fit” and “cut out the alcohol”…DON’T DO IT!! You’re already feeling glum after the festive season has departed for another year, so why make yourself feel worse?! Remember – the road to hell is paved with good intentions! So instead, make a resolution to “look after yourself” and once your mental state is taken care of, then focus on the physical.

3 Make Plans

The most commercialised annual celebration may be over, but there are plenty of things for you to look forward to. Make plans with friends and family so you have something to focus on. Has your bank account taken a beating in December? Don’t be disheartened. Why not host a dvd night at home? Or a ‘bring-a-dish’ dinner party with your friends? How it works is that each of you are responsible for a certain dish and/or drinks. And there you go – a three course dinner with the girls washed down with some wine, without the guilt of restaurant prices. Bliss!

4 Subscribe!

In your New Year’s budget, include a monthly subscription. This can be anything from a magazine or movie subscription or for my fellow foodies why not try a Graze Box ( Not your thing? How about a beauty treat such as or Prices vary depending on how much of a treat you want, but after spoiling all those around you in December its only fair to treat yourself too!

5 Get a Hobby

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, be it fitness, baking, arts and crafts get stuck in! Don’t have a hobby? Try something new. Cupcakes have been a fashionable hobby over the last couple of years, and current trends include knitting, sewing and upcycling* your clothes. (*upcycling is when you take materials, such as clothes and use them to create something new!) For example – that top with a gorgeous print that hasn’t fit you in years, why not use it to make a patchwork cushion?

6 Get Saving

A slightly boring, but practical way to get over the post-Christmas come down is to start saving your pennies. Have a target in mind, a holiday for example. Have a look online at holiday destinations to start daydreaming. Print a small picture and pop it in your purse and set it as your computer wallpaper. This will help you curb your spending. Set up a direct debit into a saving account and see that holiday fantasy become a reality sooner!

7 Get Ready for Next Year!

If you really can’t get out of your post-Christmas funk, then start preparing for next year! The New Year sales will have a plethora of Christmas decorations and trinkets. If you really want to, you could even stock up on gifts for next year! This will make the following Christmas less stressful and the January bills slightly less too!

Christmas is much more than just a day. Christmas is a time that allows us to spoil the people we love, to enjoy our free time by socialising and celebrating life – things you can do all year round! So why not carry the festive feeling with you all year round?

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