7 Meditation Podcasts to Help You Ease into Practicing Meditation ...

I have taken up meditation off and on the past several years; however, I am trying to make it a regular practice and listening to meditation podcasts has really helped me. Meditation has been proven to help people improve their health and relieve stress. People who practice meditation on a regular basis generally experience less stress, fewer psychological problems, less pain, improved immunity, and lower blood pressure. With all these wonderful benefits, I have decided that I need to make more time to meditate and incorporate it into my daily routine. If you would also like to start practicing meditation on a more regular basis, these meditation podcasts are very useful. They guide you through a meditation session, which I find very helpful. I am not a person who can just sit and start meditating. I need a soothing voice to lead me.

1. Relaxation Meditation Podcast

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The Relaxation Meditation Podcast has guided meditation practices that are very soothing and easy to follow. They are narrated by a woman named Lita who has an extremely calming voice, and often they are accompanied by relaxing music. I definitely find myself breathing deeper and feeling more peaceful while I am practicing these meditations. I also find that even throughout the day I am much less likely to be become stressed and tense. If you are new to meditation, this is one of the meditation podcasts that will gently ease you into regularly practicing meditation.

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