7 Ways to Feel High without Drugs or Alcohol ...


You never have to resort to anything illegal just to feel good, because there are tons of healthy and natural ways to feel high without drugs or alcohol. It's easy to take care of your body and still feel high without drugs when you discover a healthy alternative. Here are a few effective activities anyone can do to achieve that great, natural high!

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One of the best ways to feel high without drugs is to exercise more. Exercise releases endorphins into your body, which give you loads of energy! While an intense workout can make you exhausted, after a few minutes of active recovery, you'll feel like you've had six cups of coffee! It's a great natural buzz that has unparalleled health benefits. So next time you're feeling low, or craving an unhealthy addiction, put on your tennis shoes and work out!



I always consider shopping a form of exercise- carrying shopping bags, running from store to store, it should definitely count as cardio! But aside from the physical benefits of shopping, it also has staggering psychological effects. Recent studies have shown that shopping actually lifts your mood. So now you have a great excuse to whip out the wallet! Window shopping can certainly bring a smile to your face, but for the ultimate effect, you need to actually purchase something.


Watch Funny Films

What provides a natural high better than nature's favorite medicine- laughter! Watching a funny movie can make you feel high without actually getting high. Get some friends together or have a movie night with your special someone and indulge in some comedy. It's almost as hard to feel down when you're laughing as when you're getting high off of drugs!



My mother always told me not to eat my feelings, but she only said that because she knew it would work! But eating comfort foods and sugary snacks is not the answer. Eating a healthy meal is what really helps you feel high without drugs or alcohol. Consuming healthy foods can help replenish your body's need for certain nutrients it's lacking. Plus, healthy eating will give you an energy boost that will leave you feeling high!


Get a Massage

The feeling you have after a massage resembles a buzz or high so closely you'll be amazed! Massages often lead to an extreme state of relaxation and well being. After a massage, you may feel so "high" that you find it difficult to walk straight or perform any coordinated tasks. But while you may need to lie down for a while after a massage, you'll feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day!

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Practice Yoga

Yoga is so soothing that after a workout you'll have attained a natural high. While the workout is grueling, yoga successfully expels negative energy from your body, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. Plus, since yoga is exercise, it will release endorphins in your body that provide you with tons of natural energy!


Do Daring Things

Nothing gives you a natural high like a true adrenaline rush! Riding roller coasters, bungee jumping, and sky diving can all make you feel naturally high. You'll feel a little jittery after any of these exhilarating activities, but it's a great feeling! So don't be afraid to try something new in order to feel high without drugs or alcohol.

It's always good to have alternatives to harmful substances that make us feel better. Like making the transition from ice cream to Greek yogurt, switching from alcohol or drugs to activities that provide natural highs won't be totally easy, but it will definitely do wonders for your health! If you've decided to back off artificial stimulants or depressants, what are some ways you've learned to feel high without drinking or doing drugs?

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Haha lmao @kaitpear

I love doing all those things it gives me that "natural high" but then i need a beer after

Exercising is my favorite. A runners high on a daily basis is one thing I look forward to each day. & being in love is also another good one.

Don't forget sex.

Doing something creative like sewing or playing a musical instrument.

I love this, great alternatives!

Laughing makes me feel high sometimes haha.

umm hello. sex?

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