The Best Reasons Why Venting is Healthy when You're Really Frustrated ...


There are some very specific ways venting helps when you are feeling really frustrated. We all need to vent from time to time. Stressful situations and people can just get to you after a period of time. Let’s talk about some of the good ways venting helps you.

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It Isn’t Healthy to Stuff Your Feelings

Stuffing your feelings down instead of giving them freedom is not healthy. It can lead to repressed anger, depression and anxiety. Giving your feelings room for expression is one of the ways venting helps. As long as you are careful to not hurt others in your vent, it is a good thing. It rids you of that pent up frustration.


You Don’t Spew It onto Others Later

The problem with stuffing our feelings deep inside is that it comes out onto others later. This is not a wise choice, nor is it a healthy one. What goes in must come out. If you don’t allow yourself to vent, it will spew out when you least expect it. It can damage a treasured relationship of yours.


You Feel Better

Venting makes you feel better, period. Of course, you always want to vent to someone who understands you just want a listening ear and is happy to give that to you. They are a sounding board of sorts, for you to just share with. Girlfriends make good choices to vent to. They usually are great at understanding and just empathizing with you.


You Work through Your Feelings

When you vent, you are working through your feelings. It may not feel like it at the time but you are letting those negative feelings go. You are processing and making room for new positive feelings. This is why you feel better after venting. Venting does have a positive outcome.


You May Come to a Solution as You Vent

This is another great thing about venting. You may very well come to a solution for the dilemma you are venting about as you vent. Just talking it out can help you to see a better way to handle a situation. The person who is listening to you may have some good suggestions for you, too. If you can come up with a solution to a difficult situation, your vent was worth double the points.

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You Are Ready to Start Fresh Afterward

After venting, you are ready to start fresh. You have emptied your negative feelings and feel ready to face the situation again. Your energy is renewed to deal with whatever you are facing. This is a good thing. Life requires trying again and again.


You Have a New Perspective Afterward

Venting can give you a fresh perspective. Even if you haven’t come up with a solution to solve whatever is bothering you, you may come up with a better way to deal with it. You may have found a way to help you handle whatever it is so it won’t make you get to the point of needing to vent again. This is very important. You can’t always change a situation but you can change the way you deal with it.

Venting can be healthy for you emotionally. Does venting help you? Do you tend to vent or stuff your feelings when you are upset?

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