9 Ways to Release Your Anger in a Positive Way ...


9 Ways to Release Your Anger in a Positive Way ...
9 Ways to Release Your Anger in a Positive Way ...

There are several healthy and positive ways to release your anger. It’s not always about yelling and throwing things! Life can throw curveballs your way, so it’s a good idea to learn nicer ways to handle the things that upset you. Read on to learn nine great ways to release your anger in a positive way.

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Get Cooking

One of the sweetest ways to release your anger is to cook. Baking can be especially effective, specifically recipes that involve kneading dough or vigorous hand mixing. Following a recipe will allow you to focus more on cooking than whatever is making you upset, and the action of blending ingredients to make something yummy can calm the nerves. Bonus: you get a tasty reward once you’re done!


Work It out

Working up a sweat is great for relieving tension. Heading to the gym is a great way to ‘work out’ whatever is upsetting you. Exercise releases endorphins, which increase peaceful feelings. You will feel a lot better following your work out and perhaps realize the situation wasn’t worth being so mad about in the first place.


Join a Team

Take exercise to a whole new level by involving a group. Joining a sports team is a great way to relieve stress and release anger while making new friends. Working together as a team will help you to put outside factors aside, at least for the duration of the game. A sport played outdoors is especially nice due to the benefits of fresh air.


Becoming part of a team not only taps into a community spirit but also offers a sense of accomplishment and mutual support. Whether it's soccer, volleyball, or even a local running club, you'll find yourself eagerly anticipating practice sessions and games. The camaraderie within a team environment encourages each member to perform their best, transforming individual efforts into collective success. This sense of unity can wonderfully divert your mind from daily tensions, channeling any pent-up emotion into a healthy competitive drive that not only boosts your mood but also promotes physical fitness.


Use the Buddy System

If you’re really angry about something, call someone for a chat. What are friends for if not to help you work through life issues and talk you down if you’re overreacting? (Yes, you could be overreacting.) If it’s a friend that is making you upset in the first place, sometimes it’s a good idea to go right to the source and – calmly – talk things out. In that case, talking directly to your friend might be better than gossiping to all of your mutual friends, which could start a war of sorts. You might find the situation was just a misunderstanding and that talking through directly with the friend you’re upset with it will make your friendship stronger once things are resolved.


Consult a Furry Friend

Pets – in all of their furry fabulousness – are great anger reducers. The simple act of petting an animal can calm you down significantly. The happy-go-lucky demeanor of a pet will draw a smile out of even the angriest sourpuss. If you have a pet of your own, spend some time playing and cuddling with them. If you don’t, head to a pet shop to make new furry friends or, better yet, volunteer at an animal shelter. Giving back feels better than being angry any day.


Retail Therapy

It’s pretty hard to be mad while you’re shopping. If you’re upset after a rough day or week, it can help to buy yourself a little something to put a smile on your face. Shopping at your favorite stores can be a calming experience – as long as you aren’t bombarded by shoving crowds or pressured pushy sales people. Just be sure not to go overboard on the spending, or else you’ll have a whole new reason to be angry!


Make It Write

Journaling is a good way to calm anger. Writing things down will allow you to sort your thoughts and perhaps get to the root of what’s bothering you. You may surprise yourself and find that your anger stems from something totally separate from the situation that set you off in the first place. Collecting your thoughts through writing is a calming action that is both therapeutic and effective. A plus to journaling is that you can always revisit your entries. The next time you’re mad, you can go back and read how you worked out the last issue, which might help you work through the new one. So grab a pen and paper and jot down what’s bugging you.


Laugh It off

Have you ever heard that laughing is the best medicine? Well, this holds true for treating anger, too! Pop in a funny movie or call up a buddy that always makes you laugh. Laughing tends to remind us that life doesn’t always have to be so serious. It’s a scientific fact that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. So turn that frown upside down! Get a giggle going and feel your anger melt away.


Sleep on It

They say you should never go to sleep angry, but this can actually be a great option. Particularly if the need to resolve the situation is not urgent, getting a good night’s rest can do a lot to calm nerves. Taking the time to cool your jets overnight is ideal. Mornings can bring a renewed perspective and shine new light on the situation, which can guide you to a solution. A good snooze is a positive way to release anger.

Now you have options for ways to release your anger in a positive way. Follow these steps and you’re sure to stay cool as a cucumber when it comes to handling your anger. Have you conquered anger differently in the past? Share your tips for releasing anger in positive ways in the comments section!

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Also music is a very good way

Dancing does it for me.

Yes I think this is good advice, sometimes it is very hard when you are angry to think on these things but it's amazing to have the option. Thank you for sharing :)

All but the retail shopping works.. Trust me I shop everytime, when stressed or upset.. Sometimes you buy things you wouldn't normally which can be good.. But almost always stuff you want to return and either can't or forget:( and than it only adds to the problems... Cooking or working out are the best! Cause you feel good always.. Sometimes talking it out.. You end up more mad... I've been cooking a lot lately and premaking my meals and it feels great to get that done.

A few things that help me and aren't on the list are screaming into a scream box, and reading.

I have been waiting for advices like this

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