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7 Fears Everyone Should Overcome before They Die ...

By Ellie

Everyone has fears to overcome, everyone has things that fill them with a sense of dread, but I think there are certain challenges that everyone should face before they die. I don't mean, for example, a fear of spiders or snakes. Touching that massive hairy tarantula is unlikely to enrich your life. However, there are some common fears, some things we may not even realise we're afraid of, that really are worth conquering. These are universal fears to overcome - because they'll make your life better if you do.

1 That 'thing'

So, first of the fears to overcome - that 'thing.' Do you know what I mean? Probably not yet, but you will. Because most people have that thing they wished they'd done but never do. That thing they keep putting off. Whether it's travelling, jumping off a cliff, whatever - we all have one thing we keep saying we'd love to do, but for some reason, whether because of actual fear, money or time, we never end up doing it. Throw caution to the winds! Be one of those people who don't say 'wish'; say you did it.

2 Well, I Would Really like to Have

In today's world, money, convenience and probability get in the way of desire - reality gets in the way. Instead of doing what we've always wanted to do, we do the jobs that offer us stability - the safe option. And that's sensible, don't get me wrong, but don't deny yourself forever. If there's something you've always, always dreamt of doing - painting, writing, design - whatever it is, do it! Have a career change, do it on the side; just don't not do it because you're afraid. If you look at successful business people, nearly all went out on a limb to fulfill their dreams. And look at them now! After all, who really dreams of being an accountant anyway?

Jillian is so tru!!...

3 Apologising for Being You

How many times do we apologise in a week? In a month? In a year?! And how many of these times do we actually need to apologise? A lot of the time, we do it because we feel like we have to, or because we're afraid to argue. Piffle! Don't apologise for who you are because you're afraid people won't like you - that's their problem, and the sooner you accept yourself, the sooner everyone else will get used to it.

4 Intimacy

How often do you hold back because you're afraid of being hurt? How often do you get hurt anyway? Life's too short for you not to tell someone how you feel, or to back off because you're scared of being let down. Do it - tell someone you love them, have passion, longing, the kind of love where you're completely and totally consumed. Maybe crash and burn, and feel like your heart's been ripped out; maybe be happier than you've ever been. Either way, it would have been worth it.

5 Being Alone

There is, however, the flip side of the coin - I think it's fair to say that, deep down, we all have a fear of being alone. Maybe not now, but who imagines themselves when they're a little grey-haired pensioner, without another little grey-haired pensioner by their sides? So, we don't want to die alone - but does that mean we should settle? I have a friend who is marrying, MARRYING, someone I'm not even really sure she likes that much. And why? Because she doesn't want to be alone. Really though, what's the worse option? And who's to say what you might find in the future? Rely on yourself to feel fulfilled; don't rely on someone else to do it for you.

6 Leaving Your Comfort Zone

We all like a sense of the familiar, a feeling of home. Even those who love change can't reject the notion of comfort and security. Who wants to live their entire life feeling safe though? Leave home, leave the place you grew up in, explore new cities, live in a foreign country, travel the world. Doesn't have to be permanent - it can be whatever you want it to be. Just don't let your surroundings determine your horizons.

7 Trust

I have met very few people who trust implicitly, or equally, and few people whom I feel I could implicitly trust. It's human nature - we hold part of ourselves back for our own sense of self-preservation. I think, or at least I imagine, that being able to trust someone wholly, with everything you are and everything you have, would be quite the wonderful feeling. Terrifying maybe, but hopefully worth it.

We may all have our own goals, fears to conquer, aims to achieve and glass ceilings to break through. However, I feel that what I've noted above are fears shared by the majority. When you hesitate, remember that you'll never know what you stand to learn or lose by your decision - and don't you think it'll be wonderful to find out?

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