7 Funny Paranoias We All Have ...

Something you may find interesting is that I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), but then again who doesn't these days? GAD is characterized by excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry about everyday life events with no obvious reasons. People like me with this type of anxiety always expect disaster and can't stop worrying about health, money, family, work, or school. Usually the worry is unrealistic. After surfing the Internet I came across a bunch of humorous paranoias that a lot of other people have anxiety about as well and I didn't feel so alone anymore! Here's a list of 7 Funny Paranoias We All Have that I found. Let's see how many of you share in these unrealistic causes of worry with me!

1. Set Alarm, Check It over and over

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There was one night where I set the alarm on my phone, my iPad, and my watch but still thought I wasn't going to wake up on time! On a normal night I set an alarm on my phone to go off in the morning. No matter what though, even though I know I turned it on, I have to check once or twice more to make sure it's definitely on... while also checking that the sound is on and turned all the way up.

2. Slight Headache = Deadly Disease

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Let me just start by saying that Web MD is the worst place to go to find what health problem you may have. Every time I have something wrong with me, and I go onto that site to give my symptoms, I am also shown the possibility of being pregnant, having HIV, or cancer. Then I am in constant worry until I finally get to see a doctor to tell me it was just a mild headache. If you worry about your health easily, DO NOT go on Web MD to see what diseases you may have. You will end up thinking you're dying.

3. Car behind You is following You

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Ok, don't laugh, but there have been many times where I thought someone was actually following me on my way home and turned into someone else's driveway just so they would think I lived there. I think I just watch too many true crime TV shows. If you really do feel as if someone is following you though, make sure to turn into a busy parking lot until they leave you alone. Either that or call a police officer to meet you at a location.

4. Pet is Staring at Nothing... It's a Ghost

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Now that I have a puppy, I truly believe my apartment has ghosts. We have a long hallway that attaches our living room to the rest of our apartment and every now and then I notice our puppy staring down the hallway or looking up at it's ceiling. If my puppy starts barking or crying in the middle of the night, I don't immediately think it's because he needs to go to the bathroom, I just assume someone broke in or paranormal activity is about to take place in my bedroom. Animals always know things before humans!

5. Foot out of Covers

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Ever since I was younger, I can't have my foot out of the blankets. If it's too hot in the summer, I still have to have a sheet on me. See if my foot is hanging out of the covers or over the edge of the bed, I have this reoccurring thought that something is going to grab it. I'm glad I found other people online who also share this humorous fear as I was starting to think I was going crazy.

6. Weird Cravings = Pregnant

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It's funny how many common symptoms women will interpret and stress over as them being pregnant. Peeing too much, feeling nauseous, having weird cravings; they all somehow make us worry that we're pregnant. Just a heads up, if you Google your symptoms and add that you're a woman, you will almost always find some cause of them as pregnancy. Once again I will say this, don't diagnose yourself on the Internet! You will only cause yourself stress and worry for no reason!

7. Looking behind Shower Curtain

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I have this fear that when I take a shower and need to close my eyes, the second I open them I'm going to see something I don't want to see. It's so silly but maybe seeing the movie "Psycho" is forever engraved into my mind. It's just as bad as going into a bathroom to use the toilet and needing to side swipe the curtains to make sure no one is hiding in the bathtub. I know you've all done it at least once in your life!

Although having Generalized Anxiety Disorder can be annoying and stressful, it is also somewhat entertaining. It often makes me feel like my life is much more interesting and dangerous then it really is. I'm glad that I share a bunch of my little phobias with others though, even if you're too ashamed to admit you have them too! What funny phobias do you have that aren't on this list or do you share any of the ones that were listed?

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