8 Things I've Learned from Pinterest ...


Pinterest is one addicting form of social media. I don’t know about all of you, but I find myself wasting endless amounts of time repining anything and everything. All the time I’ve spend pinning has taught me a few things, so here are the things I’ve learned from Pinterest.

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There Needs to Be a "Done It" Button…

I am totally guilty of never actually doing anything I pin as far as recipes and DIY go. I am always so excited when I seem a cool craft or a scrumptious food recipe, but then it gets pushed back further and further on the queue of things to do. Now that my job requires me to plan activities for a large group, I’ve been trying to include so of the better pins, but the amount I have to go through makes it impossible! With the added "done it" button, there would be more incentive to get through the mountains of pins!


High Expectations…

Now I have gotten the chance to try some of the things in the DIY group, however, some of the attempts have gone terribly wrong… I consider myself a crafty person so you would think step-by-step directions would make it a cakewalk. Wrong! So very wrong! I am the epitome of the expectation-reality meme. With some crushed hopes of a beautiful outcome, I will pursue more pins! They will be conquered!


I Need to Hit the Gym…

If I went to the gym as much as I pinned I’d be a Victoria’s Secret model. I do have a workout board on my Pinterest, and it is filled with tons of different types of workouts, fun ways to do them, and things that are supposed to motivate me into getting my butt into shape, literally. Now the execution of these wonderful workouts is a little rough, it will happen… eventually!


If People Went by My Pinterest…

I’m one sarcastic lady! My boards are filled with many a pin involving something sarcastic or snarky. Thank goodness most of my followers are people who know me and know that I, for the most part, am totally not like the pins I post. However, if you are just going by the pins alone, well, I just hope you think the same way!


I’m Not the Only One!

It never ceases to amaze me that other people think the way I do. It is always a happy surprise if there is a post of something I have thought at one point or another. Be it something insanely nerdy or relatively personal (you know, lady problems) I am not the only one who has thought these things! It makes a girl feel good to know that out there somewhere I am feeling the same things as another via Pinterest post!


Traveling is a Must…

"Oh the places you’ll go…" the title of my travel board, it is constantly being added to. Pictures of the beautiful and interesting places that someday need to be visited, places I have only dreamed of. The world is a big place and sometimes we all need a little help figuring out where we want to go in life. Thank you Pinterest!


I’ve Already Planned My Wedding…

I’m not engaged, or even close to being ready for engagement, but my wedding is planned. Bridesmaids’ dresses-check. Wedding cake-check. First dance song- check. You name it; I’ve already got it predetermined in my mind and online. Not only that, but since I can’t plan any weddings just yet, I have to live vicariously through anything wedding related to get my fix for now. TLC, bless you and your wedding related Fridays.


My Future Home Will Be…

Based on my Future Home board, Pinterest has determined my home will be a gigantic mansion, in the country, surrounded by a garden, with a pool, decorated by a professional, et cetera… basically I’m again living vicariously through Pinterest for the home I so desperately dream about.

Pinterest has taught me a lot about my life and the way I’m living it. Generally it’s taught me the funnier side of things. If you’re not a pinner, try it! But beware of the immediate addiction… If you are an avid pinner, what are some of the funnier things you’ve learned from Pinterest?

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Help please... So I found the allwomenstalk site on Pinterest.. But I haven't figured out how to repin something from it? Love this one b/c this is SO me!!! Lol

8 Things I've Learned from Pinterest ... Except for 7 (via Twitter)

I am addicted to Pinterest, mostly because I am a little OCD and the boards help me keep all my ideas in line without adding to my collection of journals and notebooks. I try to do at least one of my pins a day and set myself monthly goals with pins I want to try for a certain month. I love how easy it is to find new creative ideas and save them without adding more clutter to your life and home :)

8 Things I've Learned from Pinterest ... (via Twitter)

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