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There are many habits that most people have or do, sometimes consciously and at other times unconsciously. If we look at the definition of the word habit, it basically means a practice, custom, tradition, or routine that a person partakes in regularly. Habits can be good or bad, beneficial or harmful. Some habits, however, do not have to be done every day, but periodically. So, here are seven habits that most people have.

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Working is one of the many habits that most people have. We become addicted to making money or just enjoy the feeling of being productive every day. Not only that, having a job is necessary to survive in this world. However, working can be detrimental to many things in your life. It can harm your relationships, social life, and health if you work excessively too often. How you choose to work and make a living is up to you.



For some reason, swearing comes easy and just rolls off the tongue without much work. I'm not sure if it's the sound of the word(s) or how it makes people feel like they're in control, but it's definitely a habit that can be detrimental to our character. People who do not cuss tend to view those who do as too blunt, nonchalant, and at times rude. Swearing will happen in certain circumstances, but if you make it a habit you will find yourself using profanity in unusual places, such as church or in a professional setting.



Don't you just wish that worry didn't exist? I surely do, because it's an annoying habit that all humans possess. Believe it or not, most of us worry every single day. We're either worrying about our bills, children, errands, appearance, relationships, or the future days to come. Concern and anxiety take a toll on the body and mind, but it's something that some of us have learned to master and deal with. Worrying is unfortunately a habit that none of us will ever be able to break.



Washing is a good habit, of course! If we don't wash our clothes, then we'll walk around smelling like a gym locker. Washing our dishes daily keeps clean eating utensils stocked in the cupboard. And washing ourselves is the most important part of the day! Taking showers, brushing your teeth, and washing your hair are all habits that are usually done systematically, unless you're placed in unfortunate circumstances.



Who doesn't litter? Unless you're an environmentalist or someone who is totally against littering, you'll most likely occasionally throw something on the ground. I can honestly say that I litter, but it's really not a good thing. Dropping food may be beneficial to birds or squirrels, but littering paper or cans can harm animals. Furthermore, littering causes unnecessary toxins, contamination, diseases, and sporadic fires. Let's all improve on this habit!



Smoking and drinking are very common habits. These habits can be abused tremendously and can cause health problems for many people. On the other hand, some people take part in these habits often, but only on special occasions. For instance, if you're a party-goer every weekend, then you've made it a habit to drink every Friday or Saturday night. Be careful with these habits in particular, because they have the potential to become addictive patterns.



Lying is a habit that is at least done weekly in some shape, form, or fashion. None of us completely tell the truth 100 percent of the time. Sometimes we're placed in circumstances where we don't want people to know our personal business, so we lie. Other times, we're protecting others or ourselves from something, so we spin the truth. However, there are habitual liars who just can never tell the truth and have made this habit part of their everyday life.

Bad habits can be broken and good habits can be instituted into your lifestyle if you choose to do so. With that said, are any of the habits mentioned something you can't break? What are some other habits you think most people have?

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Adea- that was my thought exactly as I opened to comments section only to see that you beat me to it. That makes me hopeful that the author is wrong about most people littering.

littering..i hate it when someone does it!

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