7 Awesome Things about Growing up ...


Growing up seems like a scary thing, whether you’re eight or eighty, but what you need to remember is that there are so many awesome things about growing up! No matter how daunting the future seems, there is always something fabulous and fun to look forward to. Read up on these awesome things about growing up and enjoy the ride!

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This is perhaps one of the most awesome things about growing up: having the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing, when you feel like doing it. Want to take a drive to the beach at three in the morning? Go for it! Even if you don’t necessarily do all the things you know you could, sometimes just having the option, and knowing you’re free to choose, is enough.


Buying ‘Mature’ Things

You can never imagine the excitement of buying your first ever plate set, or a really nice rug, until the day comes when it’s time to shop for your first house, flat or apartment. Buying homey things for yourself is a really special moment when you’re growing up, and it is not one to be underestimated!



Sadly, while you are young, it is hard to gain the respect or recognition of those older than you. As you grow up, however, you will realise that older people will begin to come to you for advice, or even just a chat. Soon, age won’t bother you and thirty years won’t seem like much of an age difference when you become really good friends with someone.


Figuring out Who You Are

The whole process of figuring out who you are is a part of growing up that really scares some people. The secret is that you really don’t need to worry - most people go their whole lives without figuring out who they are, and they enjoy every minute of it! Enjoy the journey and perhaps one day you’ll wake up and just know.


Popularity Doesn’t Matter

It might seem like the most important thing in the world to be ‘popular’ when you’re in school, but the minute school is over, everyone is on par. No one will take any notice of whether you were deemed ‘cool’ in school or not, and you will be free to choose whichever path you wish. Become the person you want to be!



Being responsible for things is really, really exciting. Whether it’s a new car, or your own house, or a pet, or even a child, having something that you are responsible for gives you a sense of purpose. As you grow up you’ll become responsible for more and more, which is a great feeling. Most importantly though, you are responsible for you.


It Gets Better

No matter what you are going through now, it is important to remember that it gets better. Everything you are worrying about now will work itself out, and that is a promise. Growing up is all about realising that pain is temporary, and time will heal everything. Allow yourself to grow and change and become a truly spectacular person.

Growing up isn’t as scary as you might think. It’s actually full of fun, laughter and really amazing experiences - don’t listen to all those people who tell you that growing up is no fun! What is your favourite part about growing up?

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You might think that this was stupid but I thought that it was very inspirational for a girl that's not even in high school with out a job

where is the drinking lol

Ummm I don't believe in any of this

I love living on my own

A lot of words but they mean good

You really put out the exact words through my mouth. Good job for this! Love this article. More power!! 😉👍

I really have a hard time growing up i feel like im stuck, cant find a job a study with at the end very very little chances for a job also and im 20 broke cant even take care of myself but i really want to =(

I hate, and I mean actually hate how people say " your high school years are the best of your life" god, I hope that's not true, but I've always looked at things in the sense that no matter what point your at in your life you make it what it is, if you want to think the getting older sucks, the getting older is going to suck, if you think that everyday you can make life more interesting than the last then you can do that as we'll. maybe this society just has too much of an emphasis on youth :/

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