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The other day I started thinking about things we can learn from Lady Gaga. She often grabs headlines for her strange outfits (remember the meat dress?), but it’s hard to know what kind of person she is based on her clothing. I think there’s more under the façade than the public knows about. It’s easy to write her off as just another weirdo, but whether you like her music or not, there are several things we can learn from Lady Gaga. Read on and get ready for a whole new impression of her.

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Wear What You Love

I guess the most important of the things we can learn from Lady Gaga is to just go ahead and wear whatever you want, and not worry about what others think. If you love a certain outfit or piece of clothing and you feel fabulous wearing it, then put it on and face the day. Quit thinking that other people won’t like it. There’s something incredibly freeing about embracing your unique style and Lady Gaga has that all figured out.


Get the Right Fit

Regardless of the strange getups that Lady Gaga is frequently seen around town in, you have to admit that she pulls it off most of the time. That’s because she has her clothes professionally tailored to fit her shape. I know that can get pricey, but if you pay close attention to what you’re buying and how it fits, you’ll have learned something very valuable from Lady Gaga.


Don’t Go Overboard

I know that sounds weird considering we’re talking about Lady Gaga, but she often goes all out in one regard, say her clothing, then keeps things understated elsewhere, such as her shoes or her hair. Ok, I know that it isn’t always the case because sometimes she is completely over the top, but it seems like she has a pretty good grasp on balancing the look when it’s important.


She Perseveres

For me, it’s hard to see past her outer appearance, but if you give her music a chance, you’ll see that she is actually quite talented. She isn’t only selling her image, she’s selling her years of practice and experience. You can learn a lesson from her and keep with something you love and have a passion for, and someday you might excel so much that you can get mega rich too!



Lady Gaga is compassionate – I can see that from some of her publicity. For example, she had her photo taken with a homeless man who warned her that he smelled, and she just told him that she smelled too and posed. Most people wouldn’t do that, but it appears that Lady Gaga has learned to care for anyone, no matter who they are. We can all learn that lesson from her.


Give Back

I’m sure we’re all well aware of how incredibly wealthy Lady Gaga is. She differs from some celebrities in that she donates a lot of her money to various charities. In fact, she tries to give something in each city she plays in. She also tries to get involved in things that her fans care about. There’s definitely something to learn there. Even if you can’t give away your money, you could find some time to volunteer or otherwise share your time and talents with your community.


Don’t Get Full of Yourself

It’s perfectly fine to brag a little and revel in your success, but don’t go too far. Despite Lady Gaga’s fame and glory, she takes the time to interact with her fans. She responds to them on social media and tries to get involved in the things they care about, which I mentioned above. No matter who you are, you were at the bottom once too and it pays to remember the little people when you get to the top.

Do you like Lady Gaga? As a person I think she’s wonderful. Her music isn’t always my style, but I think she’s pretty talented. What lesson did you learn from Lady Gaga?

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Love myself some GaGa!!! 💖 Yasssss!!!

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