7 Colors and What They Say about You ...


Believe it or not, the colors you are attracted to say a lot about your personality. Guest contributor Regan Crawford tells us what traits are associated with which colors.

Color is all around us, and it tends to bring life to everything we see. People judge you by the colors you choose and wear. Understanding color can really decode a lot about the person you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It also affects the way you function in the world, and tells you about your strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Take for instance, bags like these made by serbags which can make a person look free spirited and laid back, but if you add in some wild colors, that perception will change. The effects that color has on our life is astonishing. Here are a few colors and what they say about you.

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Black Black is known as the color of authority and power. It is also a fantastic choice for clothing because it will make you look thinner than you are. For those who frequently wear black, you appear independent, strong-willed and determined. You are a person who likes to have control over yourself and all situations.



White As you know, white has long been the color of purity. People who like white, like cleanliness. People who frequently wear, decorate or buy white items are said to be cautious, practical, and careful with money. White personalities are not impulsive and they possess a lot of self control.



Red Red is best known for being intensely emotional. Red actually has the ability to make your heart race. People who live red tend to crave attention, provide excitement, possess courage and confidence and are ambitious and competitive. Red personalities can gain respect from others very easily. They are loved by all around them.



Pink If pink is your favorite color you are said to be loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. Pink personalities have a warmth that people are naturally drawn to. You have maternal instincts, as well as the need to protect those around you. Pink is also romantic and sensual.



Blue Blue is one of the top color choices. If you love blue, you are conservative, reliable and trustworthy. The personality of blue is calm, peaceful and self-controlled. People who have blue personalities are even tempered, unless their emotions are evoked. When people see blue they immediately relate it to the sky or ocean, and that makes them feel at ease. Blue is the opposite of red. It has the ability to calm someone down, while red will get them more excited.



Green Green personalities want to belong and most often join social groups. It is said that people who like green wear their heart on their sleeve. This personality is practical, down to earth, compassionate and dependable. Individuals who are drawn to green are known for their listening skills, as well as having the ability to take control of a situation and see that it is resolved.



Yellow Yellow is immediately associated with the sun. People who are drawn to yellow are cheerful and happy. These individuals are filled with creativity, but are also very critical of themselves. They are known to be perfectionists, and spend lots of time analyzing everything around them. Yellow personalities are impulsive, and tend to jump quickly into taking care of things, rather than taking it at a steady pace. These individuals are also known to hide their personalities.

The world is filled with all types of personalities. If we were all the same, life would be quite boring. So which colors are you attracted to the most?

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I wear a lot of black and white. I'm more like black though. I'm not neat nor always clean.

quite true actually :)


yup!!! what happened to purple??? red+blue???

For me it's blue and green (The softer and the deeper colors of blue and green). I feel very attracted to those. What I also love is the color lila, and just the softer colors of purple

purple ! And I fit it to a T, too!

this does not apply to me at all

here you go Purple People: People who wear purple are sensitive and compassionate towards others. They most often think of others before they do themselves. You are supportive and understanding, but people tend to take you for granted. You are free spirited and easy to get along with, but like to be independent. People who love purple are creative, and have the ability to inspire others.


my fav color is white n I'm not at all what this says abt ppl who favour white

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