7 Things Your Cell Phone Case Says about You ...


If you’re anything like me then you have different cell phone cases/covers for different occasions and outfits, and most likely these are signs that tell you certain things your cell phone case says about you! Whether you like your case to be bold and colorful or nude and subdued, they tell people a little bit about you, and how the things your cell phone case says about you reflects your personality!

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Plain & Sturdy

Plain & Sturdy Your goal when purchasing a highly functional case was to protect your phone right? Who needs all the fancy designs, bells & whistles if it’s not going to help keep your phone in tip-top shape, right? That’s probably what you were thinking when you got this case, you sensible woman you! It's definitely one of the great things your cell phone case says about you, and tells people that you like things to done properly, and that this case can be used at any time, anywhere because the design is plain (possibly all one color) and reliable. I mean, what’s better than reliability, right?



Tribal Having a tribal cell phone case might mean that you appreciate ethnic culture and love the funkiness and vibrancy that the case gives off. It might also mean that you like to stay up with the trends and are fashionable too, because tribal print is so IN right now. It’s a good way to add some color and character to your wardrobe. You might even be the girl who switches to this case to add some spunk to a two-toned or single colored outfit!


Glittery/ Rhinestones

Glittery/ Rhinestones If you have a case like this, then you’re probably a Diva. When I say diva, I don’t mean high-maintenance. I mean a girl who is confident in who she is and loves her femininity. Or you might be a woman who appreciates the fashion of a more glamorous period in time circa Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Who doesn't love sparkly things anyway?


Cell phone cases bedazzled with glitter and rhinestones often shimmer with every movement, turning your device into a piece of statement jewelry. This type of case suggests that you're not afraid to stand out from the crowd or show your playful side. It's for those who love to sprinkle a little sparkle on everyday life—perfect for anyone with a penchant for the limelight. Just like the sparkle it carries, this case implies that your personality has multifaceted layers, all shining brightly and unapologetically. It's for the bold, the beautiful, and the fearless.


Cartoon Character/ Comic Book Character

Cartoon Character/ Comic Book Character Cartoon and comic book characters are so nostalgic. They remind me of my childhood when everything was carefree and I didn’t have to pay bills. If you have this case, be it, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty or Betty Boop, you probably are a big kid who refuses to let go of your youthfulness. And you definitely shouldn’t! Youthfulness keeps you young at heart, more open-minded and more adventurous. Also, having comics like Spider-man, Batman, Superman, or my personal favorite, X-men, might also mean that you are a kid at heart but also says that you like to get lost in the outlandish (and entertaining) heroism in these gems.


Animal Print

Animal Print If you have animal print like cheetah, leopard, or zebra print on your cell phone case, then you’re probably a wild child. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean wild child in a negative sense. You probably just like to have fun, whether that involves rocking out at a concert, going out to the bar, or staying home watching a movie with a glass of wine. You’re probably a free spirit, but also unafraid to speak your mind when necessary. So, continue being a wild child, I certainly won’t judge you!



Flowery This one could be a little different. You could either be a girl who loves to wear jewelry, makeup, high heels, dresses, skirts, the works and, looks fabulous doing so. Or, you could be the girl who is in tune with nature, and loves and appreciates it for all of its natural beauty. Or you could be both! Flowers are a great way to go for a cell phone case for any reason!


Animal Shaped

Animal Shaped If your cell phone case has imprints or is shaped to look like monkeys, puppies, elephants or kittens, then you’re obviously a animal lover. You want people to know that you care about animals. You might even have a few pets of your own. Animal lovers are often loving, caring and good companions and friends!

Whether you go glam with glitter, or heroic with batman, your cell phone definitely tells people about your personality. I’m so glad we can personalize them with so many different cell phone case designs out there. It's such a great thing when I just need a change. Are there any other cell phone cases/ designs you love? Did I get the things your cell phone case says about you right? Let me know in the comments!

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I have a Grumpy Cat case, and I love it :) I got it from Etsy..

My case is none of these lol

Mine has glitter and rhinestones (:

Any of y'all should post a pic and put it in this thing and we vote if we like or dislike

Hello kitty one is cool and not a big fan of hello kitty but it is cute k

So OMG I like all of the these thumbs up if you like it too

Definitely tribal or floral

SUCH a unique post!

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