7 Lessons to Learn from Barney and Robin ...


7 Lessons to Learn from Barney and Robin ...
7 Lessons to Learn from Barney and Robin ...

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, you’ll know that there are lessons to learn from Barney and Robin. Their relationship might not be the healthiest, but they truly love each other. Since Barney and Robin have had so many bumps along the road, they’re the perfect couple to look to for advice on what you should and shouldn’t do in a relationship.

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Under Your Nose

Barney and Robin were friends for years before they realized they were in love. The guy that’s right for you could be your best bro. Strong friendships can turn into the greatest relationships. Don’t ignore the guy friends that are always there for you. One of the lessons to learn from Barney and Robin is that your best friend can turn into something so much more.


From Player to Groom

Who would’ve thought that the creator of the Playbook would propose? If Barney Stinson can settle down, anyone can. A player can turn into a loyal husband once he meets the right girl. Even if you expect to be single forever, one person can change your outlook on life. Your hatred of monogamy will disappear as soon as you meet your soulmate.


Put past behind

Robin knows all about Barney’s past and how many women he’s slept with over the years. She’s seen how horribly he’s treated others, but doesn’t fault him for it. She loves him, so she doesn’t let his past get in the way of their future. If you know a man has made mistakes in his past, you should consider the possibility that he’ll make them again and hurt you. However, it’s possible for people to change, so don’t hold his mistakes over him forever.


Timing’s a Bitch

Robin said it best: “If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.” Even if you find your perfect mate, the timing might be off. You both need to be single, and in the same mindset at the same time. Barney and Robin had poor timing for a few seasons, but they eventually ended up together. Their chemistry made it impossible for them to stay apart.


Break up and Make up

Relationships are messy, because life is messy. You can’t give up on someone you love after a single fight. Barney and Robin have broken up, but got back together. They realized how much they cared for each other and that they couldn’t stand to be apart. When you really love someone, you can make it through the tough times.


Friends with Ex

Why would you push someone out of your life that you once loved? Some people think that it’s impossible to be friends with an ex. Robin proves this mindset wrong by remaining close with Ted. She loves him as a friend, but loves Barney as a life partner. There’s no reason that exes can’t stay friends, as long as they know their boundaries.


The Leap

If you love someone, try to make things work with them. Barney and Robin were both scared of long term relationships, but they decided to enter one anyway. They’ve both had their doubts, but they’ve managed to stick together. Don’t run away from something that could make you unbelievably happy. Take the leap.

Barney and Robin aren’t a perfect couple, but they can teach us a lot. Their relationship is just like any other relationship--messy, but full of love. What’s your all-time favorite Barney and Robin moment?

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\"The Robin\" aka Barney\'s plan for Robin to marry her ❤️❤️

Remember. It\'s JUST a show. It isn\'t REAL :-)

My favorite Barney and Ted moment is when the go out on their first \"bro\" night!! They smoke cigars drink Scotch and play laser tag!

Probably one of my favorite articles :) definitely loved it!

Sooooio truuuuue

Is it just me who always wanted Ted and Robin to end up together?

I meant Barney and robin!!!!!

I loveeeeeeee how I met your mother Barney is my favorite

I enjoyed this article

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