7 Desired Stages of Life We All Hope to Eventually Go through ...


7 Desired Stages of Life We All Hope to Eventually Go through ...
7 Desired Stages of Life We All Hope to Eventually Go through ...

Despite the fact that we all have unique lives that are most likely completely different from each other, we still hope to go through the same key stages of life. From birth we make different decisions that take us in completely unfamiliar directions, however no matter where life takes us, we have the similar expectations of what is to come. Read on for the 7 desired stages of life that we eventually all hope to experience.

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First Best Friend

Our early stages of life blossom in the environment filled with close family and friends. Out of those people we manage to find one best friend who we immediately connect to. Do you remember your first best friend? The one who you would play hide and seek with and run around with in the playground? That one friend that you looked forward to meeting every day and that one person who made you feel comfortable in your school? The memories of that person will always bring a smile to your face just like it will for me and anyone else.


First Love

One life experience that is inevitable is first love. No matter what type of person you are or where you live, you are bound to find a person who you will eventually fall in love with. And you probably have already. It was great and you made memories that will stay with you forever. The experience of first love and even first heartbreak should be something that everyone gets to experience.


Find Yourself

When the times comes, although it might not be in this order, you will be able to find yourself. Most of the time this takes place during the teenage years when you explore the world, open your eyes to new things and truly make up your mind about the world around you. After this stage in your life, you will know where you want to go and what you want from life.


Become Successful at What You do

No matter what career choice we make or what path we choose, we hope to enjoy what we do and be successful at it. It can take months and maybe years to get where you want to be, but this stage in life is really the bulk that teaches you about life and what the world has to offer.


Get Married

If you had to plan your ideal future, it would probably consist of finding ‘the one’ and getting married. While some might take longer to find someone that they want to spend their lives with, others might need several tries, but eventually every person on this earth should be able to find their other half. It might sound unrealistic or too optimistic, but giving up on love is the last thing that you should do, no matter how discouraging your love life history may be.

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Have Kids

After getting married, we all hope to settle down and start our own family. We all look forward to that exciting and scary time of raising our children and guiding them through life. This is the point when your life stabilizes and you establish a daily routine. However this doesn’t mean that this point of your life gets dull because family life has many things to offer.


Get to See Your Grandchildren

The last key stage that we hope to experience after having lived most of our life is getting the chance to see our children grow up, become their own people and have their own kids. You really hope to see your family grow with each generation and welcome more family members onto this earth.

There is no possible way to control the events in your life, but there is still a certain timeline of events that we keep in our heads and we hope that in some way, shape or form, our life events will follow that format. These are just some key moments in life that are shared by almost every person. What is your most anticipated key moment of your life that you can’t wait to experience?

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You don't find yourself by your 20s. Most people take their whole lives.

I don't agree with the article because everybody has different expectations of what life stages they want to pass through. It's not like you have to get married and have children to live a fulfilled life.

I actually am still with my first love and he was my first real boyfriend been with him for 23 years I was told I'd never have kids but I have a 21 and a 10 yr old I now want to figure out what I want in life plus enjoy my family and been through heartbreak my whole life with the loss of my mom and held her hand while she looked at me she was only had just turned 41 now I will be turning 40 and wanna find me seeing I never got a chance seeing I always took care of everyone now I want time for me but still enjoy my boys

I agree with 'Finding Yourself'. But not everyone wants to get married and have children.

Having kids - not for me!

Aye. There's no way in hell I'm becoming a mother either. I really wish some people would understand that parenting is not for everybody!

The kid stage I really hope to pass haha

Only gone through the first 2 till now

We do not ALL want children.

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