7 Ridiculous Asian Stereotypes People Need to Get over ...


Some of the many things in this world I just don't understand are Asian stereotypes. First of all, Asia is the largest continent in the world. How did stereotyping even happen with so many people? Secondly, why do Asian stereotypes still exist? Don't we live in a globalized community now? Here are some of the most pervasive, and ridiculous, Asian stereotypes.

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Asian Eyes

Asians are so often described with tiny eyes that small eyes are now known as Asian eyes. This would be one of the Asian stereotypes I find most unbearable. But yet, it's the most mainstream. I really want to scream, "I'M ASIAN BUT I DON'T HAVE SMALL EYES." Yep, I'm one of those.


We're All Smart

Now this, I like. It's really flattering how people think that way about us and how I wish it was true. But I have to break it to you guys, it's not, I have Asian friends who aren't as bright as the stereotype suggests. No offense, guys! Love you! And a massive shout out to 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' which might be the only show to ever feature a dumb Asian and a smart blonde. How's that for breaking stereotypes? I love it!


We All Wear Glasses

Because we're massive geeks, nerds and on every Maths team - right? This is basically what follows point number two. Let me make this clear. Not all Asians have eye problems and we can be vain too. Yes, contact lenses are sold in Asia. Surprise!


Asian Nose

I don't really know what to call them but you know how Asian characters in cartoons are always drawn with a button nose. I actually find it quite adorable which is just kind of weird. You can find lots of stereotyping in cartoons, which is rather bad since the audience is mainly kids and it's just going to mislead them at a young age. But no, Asians don't all have the same nose, it's just another stereotype.


We Want to Be White

Tina on 'Glee' might have worn blue colored contacts, but most of us don't. There are Asians out there who don't want to be 'that Asian' which is why they get things like plastic surgery, whitening serums and bleached hair. But again, not all of us are like that. I am personally proud to be Asian with my jet black hair that my dad credits to coconut oil he used to feed me everyday.


We're Scared of African Americans

It's quite hilarious, really. This stereotype would be hilarious, anyway, but racism is never funny. Like all of the other stereotypes on my list, it's just not true.


We're Ultra Conservative

This is kind of outdated as well which I think probably emerged from Chinese communism. I really don't think K-Pop or any Asian pop for that matter actually applies to that. We are more conservative in a way, which isn't a bad thing, but not extreme. Come on, it's the new age.

Everyone's different and unique in their own ways. You can't just typecast a person by their race, that's just racist. Just because I don't match everything on that list, doesn't make me less Asian. Has anybody ever expected anything of you because of your skin color?

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Love this post! You hit all the right points in my book.

I'm Asian and those are all so true!!!!

I live in Vancouver, and I've never heard of them wanting to be white... And last time I check they aren't all conservative.. Hello probably the most out there outfits I've seen we're Asians. I saw 2 50 some year old Asian ladies with colored high lights lol.. I loved it! And I work with a ton of Asians. Never heard of them not like African American.

You know when people say Asian , it means the entire continent of Asia which includes India, not only the chinky ones and Indians, Pakistanis, Arabians Don't have those kind of eyes , our eyes are like everyone else's , some big some small etc

I always tought asian women r known for big beutifull eyes and long hair and there patiance

Thank you!

scared of A/A? sorry had to lol

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