7 Times when You Think You Might Just Have Magical Powers ...


7 Times when You Think You Might Just Have Magical Powers ...
7 Times when You Think You Might Just Have Magical Powers ...

Everyone wants magical powers. We spend our lives watching films and reading books that fill us with a sense of sheer wonderment at the very thought of having super-cool abilities like invisibility, telekinesis, and flight. And while most of the time, our amazing adventures stay within the pages and stills of our beloved books and movies, there are some moments in life when you think maybe, just maybe, I MIGHT have magical powers... Which.Would.Be.Awesome.

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When Doors/gates Open as You Wave Your Hand

The classic one – everyone loves it when you wave your hand and the door or gate that lies before you seems to swing open at your command. Motion sensor? Nah. Magic! I have done this many times. Actually, who am I kidding? I pretend to magically open almost every automatic door I pass through. Sometimes I even make the wave really tiny, like I’m trying hide my secret telekinetic powers because I just want to live a normal life... This classic move can also be used to delight little ones, who wholeheartedly believe you really are opening those glass doors with the powers of your mind.


When You Guess Exactly What Someone is Thinking

Sure, it could be that you were just talking about it before, or that you know the person very well, but I choose to believe that in those moments, the reason that I can tell that you want to go for a Cinnabon right this very second is because I have astoundingly accurate telepathic powers. And yes, now I think about it, going to the movies afterwards would be nice! Great suggestion!


When You Wish for Something, and It Immediately Happens

Picture this : you’re blowing out the candles on your lovely big birthday cake. Your friends are all crowded around the table with champagne in their hands, chiming “Make a wish! Make a wish!” You close your eyes and wish with all your heart. When you open them, lo and behold, your wish is granted, as you see your lifelong best friend who lives far away and said she couldn’t make it walking towards you. Was it happy coincidence, or is it.... something else?


When You Catch an Object with Inhuman Speed

So you’re at a friends’ house. They are crazy rich, and their parents have just bought an antique vase that cost more than a small village makes in a year. For some reason, they felt that it was best on display placed precariously on a flimsy little pillar stand, right in the entrance way. You run into the house with your friend, but your bag clips the edge of the vase. You watch, stuck in terrified slow motion, as it teeters on the brink of the stand, and slowly topples off the end, rolling over and over and - wait! Whose hands are these? That swept down and caught the vase at such speed that it was invisible to the human eye? It was me! And it is that moment that you realize you have magical super-human reflexes. Score!


When You Reach for Something and It Moves

It always feels kind of cool when you reach for something, and the wind picks it up and moves it as you stretch your hand toward it. It’s just a little thing, but as your fingers stretch out, and the item spontaneously moves, whether from wind or gravity etc, it kind of feels like it’s your effort that’s making it move... pretty cool huh?


When You Predict Something Obscure

For example : When I was a kid, I used to watch ooooold school Disney Channel. Pre-Miley. I know. Might as well be pre-historic, right? Anyway, I saw Shia LeBeouf in Even Stevens (so good, remember that show?!), and I said to myself, “He is definitely going to be really successful and get super-famous.” And what did he do? He got really successful and super-famous (with a few arrests here and there). Same thing with Keira Knightley. Saw her in an early Disney TV movie. Thought to myself: “Yep, she’s gonna take Hollywood by storm for sure.” And what did she do? She squeezed into a corset, climbed onto a pirate ship and sailed straight out of the Caribbean and into our hearts. I saw it all happen! You could say such a prediction was luck, but I know better. Moment of magic, says I! Savvy?


When You Tell It to Start – and It Does

We've all had that moment when your car seems to have given up on life. It’s wearing sad old tracksuit pants, and all it does is watch TV all day and never start when you need to get to work early in the morning. But one day, one magical, magical day, you have had enough. “Start, you stupid thing, START!” you yell, as you twist the key one last desperate time. And without warning, the car roars to life. No explanation for that, methinks... except... say it with me now... MAGIC.

I’m sure there are many more cool moments when something so awesome happens that you choose to think you are actually in a real-life magical adventure. These are just the ones that popped into my head, like a Disney quote does in pretty much every conversation. What has happened to you that made you laugh out loud with incredulity? Tell me your randomly phantasmagorical moments!

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Lol I'm more of the reflex person hahaha

I love even stevens!!!! Wish it came back.

Come on green light! *traffic light turns green right then*

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