7 Crucial Life Skills All of Us Need to Have ...


7 Crucial Life Skills All of Us Need to Have ...
7 Crucial Life Skills All of Us Need to Have ...

There are some crucial life skills that all of us should have in order to live a happy and productive life! This goes beyond the basics of social interactions and success - it's knowing yourself and being comfortable with who you are while maintaining healthy relationships. Here are 7 crucial life skills that I believe you'll find vital and very useful in your own life!

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Don't Come off as Self-Absorbed

I will tread with caution on this subject so as not to offend. Because of the age we live in and the explosion of social media connections, many of us have become boxed in to only a perception of reality, a.k.a. a false front for our own lives. One of the most crucial life skills is not to come across as self-absorbed. I can't tell you how much it bothers me when women post beautiful "selfies" constantly on social media sites. It seems apparent that they are seeking attention and fishing for compliments. For me, it almost ruins my perception of that person because I see them as self-absorbed, or worse yet, insecure of themselves. A couple of shots here and there are great, especially if you're feeling particularity beautiful and confident that day- but don't overdue it because it's just tacky.


Receive Compliments Well

When genuine compliments are thrown your way, it can be difficult to know how to respond in an appropriate manner. I think there's a fear of agreeing with the compliment, like you'll come off as narcissistic or arrogant. Or perhaps you just don't believe the compliment and simply reject it outright. The best way to respond when someone gives you a sweet remark, is by genuinely thanking them with a smile on your face! Don't respond with another compliment because that could seem insincere. Just thank the person, actually believe what they said and move on to another subject.


Ask for Honest Opinions

None of us like to hear negative feedback in any area of our lives. But in reality, constructive criticism is really good for drawing attention to areas that need improvement in your life. Don't be afraid to ask your friends, boss or spouse about their honest opinions. It can be difficult at first but so rewarding. Isn't it better to know where you're weakest so as to become stronger?


Don't Be Easily Offended

The mark of a mature person is their ability to let the little stuff (or possibly big stuff) go and not hold bitterness or grudges towards others. I've been hurt by lots of people in the past; people I trusted dearly who betrayed my trust and I'm sure most of you can relate. I can say that it's much better for your well-being to just let things roll off your back instead of being offended and hurt. What helps for me is looking at a person's intentions. Most of the time, people aren't out to get you and don't mean to cause any offense. Look at it from that perspective and you won't be as easily offended!


Remember People's Names

I have the worst time remembering the names of people I just met! Literally, within a couple of minutes I forget names which is terrible. The reason this is a crucial life skill is because when you don't remember a person's name, it sends the message that you don't care about them even if that's not true. What works for me is that when I meet a new person and they introduce themselves to me, I repeat their name back to them after they say it! It logs it into my mind along with their face so I won't forget it for our next encounter.


Keep Conversations Alive

Don't you just hate those awkward silences with people during conversations? There aren't many more awkward social settings than that! Really what stems from awkward silences is a lack of interest in one or both parties. Try finding something interesting in the conversation and take it in another direction. This will keep the conversation alive and definitely more intriguing!


Be OK with Being Alone

For extroverts, the concept of being alone is unsettling and frightening. We've lost the ability to just be alone, quieten our minds, put away our cell phones, computers and TV's and just be. To be alone is a form of meditation and being OK with it means you're not afraid of life and you're secure within yourself.

These simple yet crucial life skills are important to follow and really aren't that difficult or far-reaching! Do you have any life skills that you'd be willing so share with me and with fellow readers?

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Great little article. Favourite so far. Where's the follow button?

thanks for the tips!

Thank you Jessica.

Being able to know when someone is lying or being sarcastic

I need some hair ideas please ? And makeup ideas for light skin?:) Thanks!

An eye-opening article. Thank you.

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