7 Perks of Being an Introvert at Times ...


7 Perks of Being an Introvert at Times ...
7 Perks of Being an Introvert at Times ...

Have you ever realized that there are many perks of being an introvert? Yeah, everyone one will notice that extrovert in the center of the room, but it’s the introvert that is really running things if you ask me. An introvert is typically someone who thrives on being able to connect with themselves rather than always putting their energy in to more social settings. From time to time, I myself go between being an introvert and being an extrovert because there are just so many perks of being an introvert

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Secret Success

Of the amazing perks of being an introvert, secret success is one of the biggest. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to maintain a healthy comparison of your progress in life. However, introverts have a way of internalizing success in a way that makes it more meaningful. Think about this: will it feel better to work towards a goal that others find menial or to work for an achievement that only your heart can measure?


Respect, My Friend

Extroverts sometimes let their need for socialization get in the way of the impressions that they make on people. Introverts tend to hold back a bit when it comes to public engagements, though not in a way that signifies shyness or perhaps superiority. No. They hold back in a way that makes others see them as approachable and profound. There is so much going on around them, yet they find a calm, a peace. They find a way to make their surroundings the backdrop to their life rather than the most prominent event. Others respect this because finding such a peace with one’s self is all too rare nowadays.


No “Faking It”

Being a part time extrovert has come with a toll. That toll being that every so often, I must fake it. I must fake being excited to be at some fancy, smancy soiree, to be alert in a conversation, or even to be the first one to greet another. The great thing about being a introvert is that there is no faking it. You don’t have to “fake it ‘til you make it” because the people around you have become accustomed to who you are. You are that quiet one that persists through it all with a dignified silence. Your introversion is an extension of the real you.


Genuine Happiness

When you take the time figure out what makes you happy, you are going to be happy. As an introvert, you have the chance to internalize your actions and really figure out what in this world will keep that smile on your face. I suggest you take your introverted personality as a means to find your genuinely happy state.


Alone Time

Socialization is the key to civilization. No one, to my knowledge, has ever said that. Sometimes it is better to remove yourself from an extremely social setting. Alone time gives you a chance to regroup and recharge. It is so refreshing to be in sync with your own thoughts. You know that, truly, sometimes the words of others can really drown out your own consciousness.


Think Things through Clearly

Being alone gives you a chance to really think things clearly. So many times, we find ourselves allowing the opinions of other to drown out how we really feel. Tap into you introvert side, and you’ll find yourself thinking clearly.



Self-reflection is probably my favorite perk of being an introvert. It always helps to step back from everything and everyone to truly see if your life is headed in the direction that you want. Being able to self-reflect is vital to knowing who you really are. It can help you avoid being someone your whole life, only to realize that you really don’t want to be that kind of person at all.

These perks are all totally rad. I mean, did you ever think of being an introvert in this way? No? Well maybe you should try being one. With all of these perks, who wouldn’t want to be an introvert sometimes?

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I am an introvert and all of these things are so like me. I have friends and am not lonely or insecure. I like being me.

These are so true.. It's great being an introvert sometimes ☺️

I am definitely an extrovert, but I do love these great perks of being an introvert. It really helps to understand those personalities we are surrounded by daily

I enjoy being introvert although sometime I envy those who could hang around many people. I couldnt agree more on the faking it. everyone too used to who I am they don't bother to ask me dinner after work as I would prefer going home lol

really liked reading this! This is so me, i think i prefer just having me time after work/study/social stuff, i've had one of those weeks where i just want me time now ☺️

I like being an introvert the only thing I wish I had that extroverts have are connections, they just make life so convenient.

Honestly introverts have perks yet it's hard for them to have friends. Like mentioned by Chelsea some of them are insecure

This is so wrong. A lot o introverts (not all) are insecure and lonely, and don't like people. That is why they are so quiet and closed in.

Write a comment ...thank for this article. I'm a introvert and people usually misunderstand me and think I'm snobby or anti social. Not true at all. I love my family and close friends but I just don't feel the need to overextend myself to just anyone. I think being an introvert is good. We know who we are and don't need validation.

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