7 Ways Your Life is like a Fairy Tale ...


7 Ways Your Life is like a Fairy Tale ...
7 Ways Your Life is like a Fairy Tale ...

Despite how good or bad things are, you can take comfort in the fact that life is like a fairy tale. Didn’t you love watching and reading about princesses when you were younger? Their adventures were exciting compared to your mundane life. Whether you realize it or not, there are ways life is like a fairy tale.

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Stressful Struggles

In every fairy tale, there are issues that need to be dealt with by the main character. Whether you want freedom like Rapunzel or some food like Goldilocks, you need to go through pain in order to get your wish. There’s no point to a story (or life) if you get what you want as soon as you decide you want it. One of the ways your life is like a fairy tale is because you need to fight in order to get what you want. Happiness isn’t handed to you; you have to find it and grasp it.


Assisting Animals

In every fairy tale, there are helpful animals around. Your pets aren’t able to talk, but they’re always there for you. Sometimes, they’re more comforting than the actual people in our lives. Just like Cinderella had her mice, you have your pets to talk to whenever life gets rough. They won’t judge you and you can trust them not to spill your secrets.


Respect is Rewarded

In fairy tales, the nice characters always triumph. The evil characters have moments of glory, but ultimately get what they deserve. In real life, you’ll be rewarded for doing the right thing. It might not seem like your sweetness will ever pay off, but one day it will. Keep up your kindness, and it’ll be appreciated.


Buried Beauty

The Beast turned out to be a gorgeous man that Belle fell in love with. A beautiful face doesn’t equal a beautiful personality. You can’t judge someone by their appearance. You have to get to know someone in order to see their true self. Judging someone before you know them can ruin your chances of making a great friend, or lover.


Lifelong Love

Most fairy tales involve relationships. Believe it or not, true love exists. However, finding it isn’t as easy as princesses make it look. It’ll take a while for you to find your Prince Charming, but he’s out there somewhere. He won’t be riding a white horse, but you’ll know him when you find him.


Sweet Soundtrack

Unfortunately, you don’t have cute animals that will sing for you. What you do have is a pair of headphones that will do the same job. Whatever emotion you're feeling, there’s a song to go along with it. As soon as you find something that fits your mood, you’re sure to feel a lot better. Turn the music up and you can dance around your room just like Snow White.


Friendly Fairy God Mothers

What do you do when life gets rough? There are probably one or two people you always go to for advice. They help you figure out what you want from life and guide you to make the right decision. Of course, they’re not magical, but they might as well be. Their advice works wonders and you’re happy to have them in your life.

The next time you’re upset, remember how similar your life is to a fairy tale. What was your favorite fairy tale or Disney movie growing up? Is it still your favorite?

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Did you know fairy god mother is magical from Cinderella

I loved reading this, thanks.

I still love Cinderella, really feel like her sometimes too! I do enough jobs at home every week and then my boyfriend takes me to his place for the weekend.. Although i hate sunday nights going home cause everything turns dull for the week ahead... Oh well.. Someday!

I absolutely loved belle when I was a kid and I still do now Her and I share have a lot of things in common like how she loves to read and wants adventure in her life nt to mention we\'re both natural brunettes xD

I believe in fairytales.. ❤️

I loved this article haha

Ive never thought of this before but its so true and comforting to read, thank you!

I love Princess Jasmine...sometimes I feel like her, with my overprotective dad making sure nothing happens to me.

I have a comment for people to reply to; what is your fav fairy tale and or why

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