7 Wonderful Reasons to Appreciate Life No Matter What ...


7 Wonderful Reasons to Appreciate Life No Matter What ...
7 Wonderful Reasons to Appreciate Life No Matter What ...

Life is always changing from one season to the next and most of us don't take in the reasons to appreciate life in the moment. For me at least, whatever season I'm currently in, I'm always looking forward to the next one instead of being happy with where I'm at. Here are some fabulous reasons to appreciate life right where you're at, instead of always looking to the future!

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You'll Never Relive Your Current Moments

One of the defining reasons to appreciate life right now is that you will never get these moments back. Even if it's a difficult time for you currently, it's still time in your life that's shaping your future in some small or big way. When my husband got laid off in the beginning of our marriage, he decided to go back to school for a year-long MBA program. We ended up both being in school at the same time and it was incredibly challenging, both emotionally and financially. But we made it through and, looking back, I can appreciate that we had the opportunity to even be in school and that we acquired absolutely no debt!


Happiness Isn't Attached to Tomorrow, but Today

Always looking to the future and for the next season of life, such as college graduation, your first house, getting pregnant, your next promotion, etc, only implies that you're searching for happiness outside of your current situation. Happiness isn't attached to the endeavors of tomorrow, but the choices we make internally to appreciate our life at each stage.


Your Inner Self Isn't Defined by Circumstance

Your circumstances don't define you or give you an excuse to live in such a manner that excuses behavior. Life is hard, no doubt about it, and sometimes evils happen to us that are out of our control. Don't let those negative things define you as a person. You ALWAYS have a choice to live well and to be healthy and happy! Being anxious or unhappy only robs you of the joy in life.


You Have Food on Your Table and Clean Water to Drink

Far too often, Americans and others in first world countries take for granted clean water and proper nutrition available to us daily. Yes, there are poor people in the States and other well-off countries, but it's nowhere near the magnitude of the poor and disease-stricken communities around the world. Next time you're feeling like life sucks and you want it to be in a different place than it is right now, think of how blessed you are to have food and safe drinking water! That's enough to put anyone's mind at ease.


No One's Life is Perfect, Even if Portrayed That Way

A negative aspect of social media is that most of the time, the lives we see are through rose colored lenses. You only capture a glimpse of a GOOD moment in someone's life and forget at times that they are human and probably struggling with the same stuff you are. It's the tip of the iceberg, so-to-speak. We see a smile that masks the sadness of a fight they had with a loved one. Or a gorgeous self-portrait that hides deep insecurity. We all struggle and we simply can't take one picture, one status update and one moment to define the happiness of others while using it as a comparison to our less-than perfect lives.

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Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


More Money Does Not Buy Joy

The American Dream has us all captivated. The question is, will you surrender to it? You may feel secure with a bigger home, fancier car, and more clothes in your closet, but those things not only make you crave more, they also don't bring any lasting joy. That why there's always the desire to want more because you're never actually satisfied. I think most of us can admit to being cultural consumers, and as a culture, we need to stop glorifying prosperity as synonymous with self-worth. Your worthiness is who you are as a person!


Love Will Always Beat Hate

And finally, one outstanding reason to appreciate life is that love always wins. Because of news media and happenings around the world, it seems like hate and negativity are abounding. But, actions of love and compassion are hardly reported and elevated to the levels that they should be. Something stirs in our souls when true acts of compassion and bravery happen- I think of Malala's story and how it's reached global heights. Love will always cover hate so remember that!

None of us are completely satisfied with the moments we are currently living. We are human after all. But it's a good reminder to appreciate life no matter what, even if it does suck at times. What are some more reasons you ladies appreciate life right now? Any words of encouragement?

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1.Don't sweat the small stuff there's someone somewhere who could be going through much worse in their lives than you.. 2. Believe in yourself no matter what!! xx

Good article! So very true! We need to appreciate life now more than ever!

Not always!

Life is what you make,be thankful for family,friends,and your health...think about it...alot of people in this world don't have these., embrace each day and smile, your actions will always cause a reaction..


Love this! Thanks for making my rough night better. I appreciate my health and the health of my unborn princess.

Jessica, this is absolutely true! I loved reading this. This is something I'll send around to all my contacts. Thanks.

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