9 Reasons You Need to Make Mistakes Regularly ...


9 Reasons You Need to Make Mistakes Regularly ...
9 Reasons You Need to Make Mistakes Regularly ...

As a perfectionist, discovering there are legitimate reasons you need to make mistakes was mind blowing. After all, how could I possibly benefit by doing something wrong? Strangely enough, mistakes are actually essential to learning and growing as an individual. When you embrace a mistake, it's much easier to see the reasons you need to make mistakes. I know it's hard, but it's well worth it.

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Teaches Humility

I would love if I never had to face the embarrassment of making a mistake. However, it would be far too easy to let perfection go to my head. Making mistakes teaches the valuable lesson of humility. While you can be confident, being arrogant will drive people away. One of my favorite reasons you need to make mistakes is to simply become a more realistic, humble person.


Heightens Creativity

If everything always worked out right the first time, you would have no reason to try it a different way. Some of the best innovations come from someone making a mistake and finding a better way to perform a task. I might like rock music, but it didn't take me long to realize I just don't have a rock voice. I was embarrassed when someone pointed it out, but I got creative and started creating my unique version of rock that fit my voice perfectly. When you make a mistake, take the opportunity to find a new creative approach instead of giving up.


Encourages Change

What worked when you were 15, likely doesn't work when you're 30. I watched several of my friends constantly trying to supposedly remain young by acting like teenagers in their late 20s. They ended up losing friends and one even lost her job as a result. The experience was eye-opening to them all. They realized it was time to make some important changes in their lives instead of living in the past. While the consequences of their mistakes were rather harsh, they couldn't be happier now.


Discover New Skills

By definition, making a mistake means doing something wrong. I've discovered several new hobbies simply by making mistakes. For instance, I tried a new dance exercise and was horrible at it. After watching me make the same mistakes over and over, the class leader suggested I try her hula hoop class instead. As it turns out, I was excellent at it. Pay close attention to your mistakes. If you're like me, you'll probably notice a hidden talent you never knew you had.


Teaches Analytical Skills

I always thought I had a very analytical mind, however, when things always go right, your thoughts go on auto-pilot. I hate making mistakes, but when I do, it gives me a chance to switch gears and analyze the situation. Quite a few times, I've learned that while I was doing something right, I wasn't doing it the best way possible. It also helps me to better understand why and how something works. Plus, every mistake improves the way I think and approach new tasks.


Learn to Laugh

It's not so bad when I make a mistake in private, but when others are around I'm horrified. Over time, I've learned to laugh at my mistakes. If I laugh, so will others. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. When you learn to laugh about them, they don't seem nearly as embarrassing, and it actually becomes a bonding experience for you and those around you. Being able to laugh helps improve your confidence and self-esteem, and mistakes are a great reason to laugh.


Encourages Growth

While I could simply accept where I'm at in life and never try to grow, I've learned through experience and many mistakes that growth is an essential part of life. My mistakes have helped encouraged me to try new things, stop doing things that simply don't work in my life and become an overall better person. While I may not have enjoyed making the mistakes, I truly enjoy the results. Basically, mistakes help you discover who you are and who you want to be. Every mistake is a chance for growth.


Teaches Patience and Persistence

I'm still not a very patient person sometimes, but at least I've learned how to be persistent. When you make a mistake, you have to wait even longer for the intended result. Plus, you have to be willing to keep trying. Mistakes are the single best way to teach both of those valuable skills. Granted, I'm much more patient than I used to be, but at the very least, I'm willing to keep trying until I succeed. Don't get impatient and throw your hands up. Be patient and try again and you might be amazed as the results.


Learn Forgiveness

I'm not talking so much about forgiving others, but forgiving yourself. If you're like me, you are your own worst critic. A single mistake may have you berating yourself for days. Mistakes are not a reason to feel bad about yourself. They are an opportunity to learn and create a better you. But first, you have to forgive the mistake before you can move on. With each mistake, it gets a little easier to forgive yourself and enjoy the benefits.

From improving relationships to becoming better at my career, mistakes have helped me become who I am today. I'm not perfect and yet, I'm perfectly happy with my life. While some mistakes can be bad, the daily mistakes are your best friend and you should embrace them. What have you learned from making mistakes lately?

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Great article

Awesome article. When other people see how gracefully you accept your mistakes and learn from them, they'll respect you!

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