35 Types of Friends We All Have or Have Had ...

By Neecey

35 Types of Friends We All Have or Have Had ...

All the friendships we enjoy enrich our lives – even the not so great ones or those that turn sour. Friends are a joy – they support you, are there to have fun with, learn with and from, and weave their mark in the tapestry of your life. And because there are many types of friends, that tapestry is an eclectic concoction indeed!

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The Drama Queen

The Drama Queen There is never a dull moment when this friend is around; every little thing that happens is immediately turned in to a full drama!


The Drama Queen is a friend that is always looking to create drama and excitement in any situation. They are the life of the party, and love to be the center of attention. They are always ready to share their opinion and give advice, even when it’s not asked for. They are the first to offer help and guidance, and they will always be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on.

The Drama Queen has a knack for making any situation more interesting. They are the ones that can turn a boring afternoon into a thrilling adventure. They can take a mundane conversation and turn it into a heated debate. They are always the first to jump into any situation, and the last to leave.

The Drama Queen loves to be the center of attention and they often take over conversations. They are not afraid to speak their mind and will often say things that others may not want to hear. They are not afraid of confrontation and will always stand up for what they believe in.


The Agony Aunt

The Agony Aunt The friend who is always there to help solve your problems, whether its family related, romance related, work related or just general life frustration!


The Agony Aunt is the friend who is always there to listen and offer advice and support. They are the friends we turn to when we need help navigating the complexities of life. They are the ones who are always ready to lend a sympathetic ear and provide advice on family, romance, work, and other life issues. They are the ones who give us the courage to face our problems head on and the strength to make the right decisions. The Agony Aunt is the friend who is always there for us, no matter what.

Frequently asked questions

There are many types of friends you might have, such as the childhood friend you've known forever, the wise mentor type who gives great advice, the fun-loving party friend, the friend who is always there to listen, or the adventurous friend who's always up for trying new things.

Yes, it's perfectly normal! Different friends often fulfill different roles in our lives, and it's okay to enjoy various activities with them or turn to them for different reasons.

Absolutely! People are multifaceted, so your friends can definitely represent more than one type. You might have a friend who's both a great advisor and an excellent party companion.

Categorizing friends into types can help us understand our relationships better and appreciate the unique value each friend brings to our life.

Yes, it's okay. The quality of friendships is often more important than the quantity. Having a few close friends can be just as fulfilling as having many acquaintances.


The Smarty Pants

The Smarty Pants The friend who was always the star pupil at school and has continued that excellence in to their adult life. There isn’t a single thing that they don’t know!


The Mean Girl

The Mean Girl We all have that friend that can be a total Regina George when she wants to be, not to you, of course, but definitely to other people!


The Clumsy One

The Clumsy One The female species is supposedly the most demure and graceful of the two, but if this friend is anything to go by, that may not be the truth!

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Happiness depends upon ourselves.


The Romantic One

The Romantic One Similar to Charlotte in Sex And The City, this friend has been planning their wedding since they were 10 and cannot talk about anything other than romance!


The Daring One

The Daring One This friend is always the first in line for the rollercoaster at amusement parks and can be found signing up for crazy things like bungee jumps and sky diving.


The Responsible One

The Responsible One She's the mum of the friendship group. She nags you to be responsible. But then sometimes, she bakes a batch of cookies.


The Poser

The Poser Everybody has (or had) that one friend who liked nothing better than to get her pout on in front of the cameras. Selfie queen!


The Poser is the friend who always seems to be ready for a photo op. She loves to strike a pose and make sure she looks perfect in every picture. You can always count on her to have her phone out and ready to snap a selfie at any given moment. She's the queen of filters and knows all the best angles to make herself look flawless. While some may find her constant need for photos annoying, she just can't resist capturing every moment. But hey, at least you'll never have a shortage of pictures to choose from for your next Instagram post.


The Sister

The Sister If you are lucky enough to have a sister, they become a special, irreplaceable part of friendship group.


Having a sister can be a special and unique bond that many people cherish. Sisters can provide a source of support, comfort, and understanding that a friend may not be able to provide. Sisters can be a great source of advice and can help you navigate through difficult times. They can also be a source of fun and laughter, a confidant to share secrets and stories with, and someone to share your joys and successes with. Sisters can be an invaluable part of a friendship group, offering the kind of support and understanding that can be hard to find elsewhere.


The Shy One

The Shy One Every friendship group has that one friend who is just as loved as everybody else, but tends to take a backseat and stays more reserved than the others.


The Damsel in Distress One

The Damsel in Distress One She always asks for help. With EVERYTHING. You know at heart she's lazy and needs to get your act together!


The Healthy One

The Healthy One Whilst you just want to chill and eat some junk food whilst watching Netflix, this friend will always be persuading you to join her for a run or some sort of gym class.


The Passed out One

The Passed out One There is always one friend that no matter how hard she tries, can never work out her limits and ends up being carried out of the party!


The Skinny One

The Skinny One No matter you like to eat when you are all together hanging out, there is always that one skinny friend who can indulge all night and not gain a pound!


The Gossipy One

The Gossipy One Don't tell her your secrets because they will not stay secret for long. Gossip fuels her system, and it’s the air she breathes. Not someone you trust with anything!


The Hungry One

The Hungry One She raids your fridge, cupboard and fruit basket every time she comes over. After her visit you have to go to the supermarket to stock up for the return of Hurricane Foodie.


The Wild Thing

The Wild Thing Do you find yourself repeatedly getting in to all sorts of trouble thanks to the one friend every time? You’ve got yourself a definite wild thing right there.


The Talker

The Talker We all have that one friend who can talk until the cows come home. Sometimes she’s handy to have around, other times you just want some peace and quiet!


The Listening One

The Listening One You can vent and she hears you. And never judges. She has the patience of a saint. She cares and is always there for you.


The Always Broke One

The Always Broke One The one who never has enough money when it comes to splitting the bill but was knocking back cocktails while the rest drank soda.


The Loyal One

The Loyal One No matter what, no matter when, she'll always be there for you. This friend has your back.


The Sassy One

The Sassy One We all have that one sassy friend who tells it like it is and is always equipped with a fierce one liner or two.


The Optimistic One

The Optimistic One The optimistic friend sees the best in everything and provides some much needed balance in the group against the pessimistic one!


The Clingy One

The Clingy One You know the one - the girl who insists on being your BFF from the moment you meet. And is seemingly there every waking moment.


The Crude One

The Crude One Every group has that friend that always takes things too far, and if you don’t think you do, then it’s probably you!


The Pessimistic One

The Pessimistic One We all that one friend who can’t help but see the worst in every situation. It might have been a cute look on Eeyore, but it gets tiresome!


The ‘I Told You so’ One

The ‘I Told You so’ One Usually the first to have a child in the group, the ‘I told you so” friend loves nothing more than to be proved right.


The Calorie Counter

The Calorie Counter This is the friend who, when you go out to a restaurant, will always choose the healthiest option rather than the one they really want!


The Fangirl

The Fangirl Your friend is obsessed, like totally obsessed by the object of her fangirling. It's fun to watch how far she will take it but can become kinda tedious too.


The Heart Broken One

The Heart Broken One There is always one friend who just cannot seem to keep a relationship going, leading to a state of perpetual heartbreak.


The Perpetually Single One

The Perpetually Single One This friend is the one who is perfectly happy to be single whilst the rest of you are diving head first in to relationships.


The Flake

The Flake The flakey friend is the one who is always cancelling plans at the very last minute; it’s so annoying!


The Flake is one of the most common types of friends we all have or have had. They're the ones who always bail on plans at the last minute and leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. They often have good intentions but their lack of commitment can be hard to deal with. They may be unreliable and unpredictable, but they can also be spontaneous and fun. It's important to set boundaries with them and make sure you don't rely on them for important plans. With a little patience and understanding, they can be a great friend and bring a lot of joy to your life.


The Golddigger

The Golddigger Money is all she talks about. If you can’t afford to spend a ton of cash just for the privilege of hanging out with her at some exclusive joint, she’ll drop you like a hot potato.



The BEST FRIEND The most important friend of all is the best friend, because without your BFF, you’re not complete!

I'm sure there are more that I haven't included. Which do you think I've missed?

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I've had all of these

Nice article but still keep your circle small hey

I have some friends who are more then one of these.


I guess many women will have a lot of these friend types through their lifetimes. 

I am all 35 in 1 splendiferous woman!

Haha so true😂

I've had a few of these, but lost contact with most of my friends after high school finished. 😔

Love it.