Why Everyone Needs a Good Friend ...


Why Everyone Needs a Good Friend ...
Why Everyone Needs a Good Friend ...

There are lots of reasons why everyone needs a good friend. We all need good friends in our lives whether we believe it or not. Anyone can make a friend, but having a good loyal friend is rare. A decent friend will be there for you sometimes and will often make you a priority, while a good friend will be there for you for life, no matter what. A good friend is someone you can always depend on, talk to, love unconditionally and trust. A good friend will show and give you everything you are prepared to give them without questions. A good friend will hug you when you're lonely, hold your hand when it needs held and say all the right things you need to hear when it is time to hear them, giving you strength. Those are some of the best reasons why everyone needs a good friend.

A good friend will allow you to recognize the qualities and attributes you have. A good friend will fight for you harder than they fight for themselves. A good friend will allow you to be emotional without embarrassment and regret. A good friend will give you confidence, which allows you to achieve your goals and dreams. A good friend will understand, no matter how successful you become, it is not your responsibility to carry them. A good friend is often your shadow in the daylight and your moon without the nightlight. A good friend will never leave your side regardless of the difficulties. We all need a good friend by our side. Do not ever confuse the difference between a β€œfriend” and a β€œgood friend.” Friends will put themselves first, while good friends will put themselves last. It is common to go through life without ever obtaining a good friend. If you happen to find a good friend, hold on to that person and remember to be as important to them as they are to you.

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I believe this to be very true as I can say that I know the difference and I'm very blessed to have 4 good loyal friends in my life!

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