3 Types of Friends We All Have and the Role They Play in Our Lives ...


3 Types of Friends We All Have and the Role They Play in Our Lives ...
3 Types of Friends We All Have and the Role They Play in Our Lives ...

The company we keep tends to be a reflection of our current reality.

As time goes, we know exactly the purpose our close friends play in our lives. While also not forgetting that we ourselves are friends to other people, so we are too reflecting the life and state of the beautiful individuals listed below.

Below are 3 kinds of friends we all have, without whom our lives would not have been as rich and deep as they are thanks to their amazing contribution.

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The Honest Friend - Will Spare No Feelings, but Will Help when You Really Need It

The friend who will never attend an event with sugar in her bag, she will tell you the truth sometimes with or without your consent. She will be the one who will tell you that you are having too many evenings out, when it's really time some one stops you.

As direct as her approach may be, remember that life itself holds no punches. As the saying goes, " truth hurts", so expect words as clear as day from this beautiful truth teller, even if it'll take you some time to process and accept.


The Non Confrontational Friend - Will Uplift and Nurture You through Your Troubles

This beauty will always have something endearing to say. Every question will be answered with thought. Although straight lines may be curved to spare your feelings, she is sure to be the one whom you want to call you when having your heart broken again.


The Long Distant Friend - Will Be There when You Really Need Them

Most of us have that friend who is far, but always there for you. They are a solid part of your immediate circle, they are there for all your special events, but you hardly hear from each other on a daily basis.

Long ago it became an unspoken understanding that this would be this kind of relationship - you wouldn't hear from her often, but if something significant happens in your life, it'll mean a lot to have her there.

She cares for you as much as you care for her, but somehow, your lives are not quite the same - so you do not have that daily need to communicate. Yet, on a deeper level you feel a strong bond between the two of you.

Whether you are one of the beautiful individuals listed above or you play a more complex part in your circle's life. You may even be a mix of 2 or 3 of these types. But beware, that although the seasons may bring us new friendships, our journey will always be influenced by the vibration of the humans closest to us, and together you are a perfect union.

Each friendship is not a random event, when the time calls for it, you will discover the part you need to play in your friends' lives and the part they'll play in yours. Just be open to see it.

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