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7 Reasons You Need Friends More than a Partner ...

By Alison

There are so many reasons you need friends, and there are also reasons why having friends is more important than having a partner. Of course it's lovely to be in a relationship, but you should be wary of making finding a relationship more important than having friends. Everyone needs to have friends in their life. Here are some of the reasons you need friends more than you need a partner …

1 Last Longer

One of the reasons you need friends more than you need to have a partner is that friendships often last much longer. Most of us have been sidelined by a friend once she got a boyfriend. The trouble with doing that is that your friends are gone when your boyfriend dumps you. So always value your friendships highly, because they're likely to still be around through various relationships.

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2 Relationship Troubles

It's a nice idea that your partner should be your best friend. Sometimes it works out that way. But who do you talk to if you're having problems with your partner? This is why you need friends more. You can talk to them about anything - including relationship problems.

3 Less Complicated

Friendships are much simpler than relationships. It's simple - your friends like you. There's less riding on a friendship; with a relationship, you have to fit in to each other's lives and make compromises. It's much harder to build and maintain. Friendships are much less stressful.

4 Impartial

Friends are often much more impartial than a partner. You wouldn't be friends with people who judge you. You can talk to them about pretty much anything and they won't be shocked. They've seen you at your worst and love you regardless. In a relationship you're on your best behavior, and trying to impress your partner.

5 You Need Friends

You can cope just fine without a partner, or should be able to. But what would your life be like without friends? A partner should be a bonus, something that enhances your life rather than an absolute essential. If you need a partner to function, then you risk being too needy and clinging. But we need friends to laugh with and to support us in tough times.

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6 More Relaxing

Being around your friends can be more relaxing than being with a partner. Somehow it's easier to 'be yourself' with your friends. It's also much less demanding emotionally to spend time with your friends. Being with friends can be a useful antidote to the intensity of a relationship.

7 Always There for You

Finally, one of the reasons why friends are so vitally important is that they will always be there for you, whatever happens. Friends always have your back, and will defend you come what may. Can you be certain that a partner will do that for you? Friends are with you through romantic disasters, family problems and work woes. And you know just who your true friends are.

Of course, it's not an either/or situation - you can have both a partner and friends. But although you can have friends and no partner, you should never let a partner deprive you of your friends, directly or indirectly. They can both play a very important part in your life. Would you rather have friends than a partner?

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