7 Reasons to Leave Your Phone at Home ...


In this phone-obsessed age, you might think there are no possible reasons to leave your phone at home. Grabbing our phone before we head out is as automatic as making sure we have our wallet and keys. Yet there are compelling reasons why we shouldn't always have our phone with us. Here are some sound reasons to leave your phone at home …

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One of the best reasons to leave your phone at home is that it's good manners. You have to wonder why some people bother to make social arrangements, when they spend all evening checking their phone instead of talking to their friends! Even couples do it. It's also good manners not to bother other people in public places by using your phone, such as in the cinema.


You Don't Need It

If you don't really need your phone with you, then why take it with you? It's one less thing to worry about, and you won't have your evening interrupted by sales calls or messages that can wait. We used to manage perfectly well without cell phones, believe it or not!


Switching off

Leaving your phone at home gives you the chance to switch off, which is something that we all need. It's good to get away from other people and the demands they place on you. If you're relaxing at the beach or in the park, your peace can soon be shattered when someone calls you, so leave the phone at home.



Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days, and since most smart phones are worth quite a bit of money that makes them attractive to thieves. It's hard to keep an eye on your belongings all the time, especially if you're dancing in a club. If you don't take your phone out with you, then you won't have to worry about it being stolen!



People seem unable to bear being apart from their phone, and can't resist looking at it. It's a kind of addiction, and if you find yourself getting hooked on something it's time to take a step back and cut down. Phones are a useful tool, not an absolute essential. Let it work for you, not take over your life.


Work Calling

Another problem with cell phones is that they make us contactable 24/7. If you have the kind of boss who thinks that you should be contactable even when you're not at work, don't let them disturb your leisure time. Leave your phone at home when you go out. They can leave a message on your voice mail instead - or learn that your free time doesn't belong to them.


You Don't Need It

Admittedly, there are times when it's useful or reassuring to have your phone with you. For example, when you're leaving your kids with a babysitter you will want them to be able to call in case of problems, and if you'll be driving home alone it is reassuring to have a phone in case you break down. But many times you don't actually need your phone.

Cell phones can be incredibly useful and reassuring. But we've become dependent on them; some people wouldn't dream of not having their phone at their side. Do you think we'd be better off if cell phones had never been invented?

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I love being Jewish and having Shabbat. Gd knows and understands we need to "disconnect to reconnect". :)

I knew a guy once who didn't have a cell phone, because "he didn't need something like that." During our class there was a "shooter" on campus (false alarm). The shut down lasted 2.5 hours. Naturally the people with phone were getting updates about the situation and informing him. It turned out that the supposed shooter was in the building that his girlfriend was currently in. He had no way to contact her to see if she was okay. He ended up having to borrow our phones to try and reach her. It took her a long time to reply because she didn't know the number, but she did eventually say she was okay. He bought a phone the next day. So I would say that although it is rude to use your phone at a dinner or social event.. You should still bring it with you. Just mind your manners and put it on silent!

what if u need to call 911 or somthing😦

How many of us are reading this on the phone?

Yeah. We don't need cell phones. It's true, they ruin lives

I agree. It got to a point where u would respond to text while sleeping. Crazy

Having experience not having a phone for a few month I have to say that you most definitely should have a way to contact emergency services quickly. Also, what if you have a family emergency?

You really don't need it

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