8 Compelling Reasons for Talking on a Cellphone Instead of Texting ...


8 Compelling Reasons for Talking on a Cellphone Instead of Texting ...
8 Compelling Reasons for Talking on a Cellphone Instead of Texting ...

Are you a text fiend? Some people are of the view that the younger generation only knows how to write in text speak and have forgotten what normal words look like – gr8 isn’t it? LOL! Over the past decade, the amount of textual communication that we undertake on a daily basis has increased: the Internet, emails and texts are now the bedrock of our social interaction. We all should remember that talking on a cellphone can be a great way to communicate, with many advantages that texting lacks. Keep the art of conversation alive by acting on my 8 Compelling Reasons for Talking on a Cellphone Instead Of Texting.

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Less Time Consuming

Although you may pride yourself on being a dab hand when it comes to texting, it’s indisputable that texting takes more time than talking on a cellphone. Whereas it takes time to respond to messages when texting, verbal correspondence significantly reduces the time taken to communicate – a huge bonus for businesses.


More Clarity

One thing that has always plagued textual communication is the amount of ambiguity contained in a simple sentence. Depending on how well you know the person you are communicating with and the circumstances around your conversation, it can be very hard to distinguish the tone of text messages. Far too often have things been misinterpreted via text, so verbal communication once again triumphs!



It’s indisputable that talking to someone on a cellphone is a lot friendlier. Text messages are very often task-based, which removes the friendly chit-chat that accompanies phone conversations. Be nice – speak to your friends, rather than sending them a robotic message.


Your Vision

We are constantly surrounded with screens nowadays: computer monitors, televisions and, now, cellphones! The older generation is not used to being constantly bombarded with tiny specs of color called pixels, which is causing us all to irreversibly damage our eyesight. Macular degeneration is a bigger problem than you probably realize. A small change from texting to talking on a cellphone can make a real difference to your eyesight deterioration for the better.



Texting removes the depth that you can enjoy when talking to a friend verbally. Even when you can’t talk to them face-to-face, it’s a lot nicer to have a chat about life on a cellphone rather than resorting to Facebook or a text. I feel a lot more comfortable complaining about my other half over the phone than I do using a text!



Smartphones are often to blame for the dreaded auto-correct feature that text messages suffer. If you want to make your message clear (and also save face sometimes) then you might want to make sure that speak verbally rather than relying on a text message.



Even women sometimes struggle with multitasking, I’ll admit. Texting rather than talking on a phone limits the amount of other tasks that can be completed while communicating – over the years I’d perfected washing up and cooking dinner while talking on the phone, but the popularity of the text message has stalled my multitasking habits. Come on ladies, let’s get back to doing more in the same amount of time!



Very similar to my previous point, I believe that going hands-free when it comes to communication is very helpful. Whereas I can now multitask due to my decreased amount of texting, I do find that there are some tasks that just require two hands to complete. Talking on a cellphone can allow you to drive the car and go shopping – you’ll avoid any nasty collisions with other shoppers if you are talking rather than texting, trust me! (Even though we shouldn’t be doing either and I don’t advocate anyone talking on the cell whilst on the road)

Thank you for reading my list of 8 Compelling Reasons For Talking On A Cellphone Instead Of Texting (well, at least I hope you’ve found them compelling!) I do concede that textual communication has its positive points, especially when brevity is appropriate. I’m not advocating only talking on a cellphone, but I do think that we should become much less reliant on texting. Please leave reasons in the comments section as to why you support either texting or talking on a cellphone!

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way. I'd prefer talking over the phone with friends even though to them it's weird. I really like it how my mom just walks around the house cleaning and getting stuff done while talking on the phone. Sometimes me and my friend just have such meaningless conversations that waste so much of my time. Of course not all my friends call me it's usually my best friends that I've known for so long or really get along with. Still we are all different in our likings some would prefer texting over calling depending on their circumstances or if they feel comfortable with it. For me I believe calling is better than texting, but that's just my opinion.

This is a load of crap. Faster? Sure, assuming the person on the other end of the phone can shut up so we can exchange information and move along. More clarity? One of the main reasons I text is so that instruction cannot be disputed, it\'s a written record. Multitasking? The phone ringing doesn\'t interrupt anything huh? Then to answer it and it\'s some BS that amounts to nothing? Text messages wait for you. Don\'t like auto correct? Turn it off. Depth. Ever thought about the fact that nobody wants to hear you complain? Vision? You may have a point there, but the world is a dangerous place. Friendliness. Maybe it\'s because I don\'t have the need to yammer endlessly about BS. I use txt to figure out when to meet people. Perhaps I use a phone differently. Most of my phone time is for work so that may explain some thing, but at least in terms of time and clarity, you are kidding yourself if you think voice communication is superior.

For me I do feel like talking over the phone with friends and family suit me best. Texting is a time consumer! It truly is, usually when I come back from school I have things to get done like homework, me time and of course homework. Texting can really get in my

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