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7 Reasons I Prefer E-Cards ...

By Alison

I stopped sending birthday and Christmas cards a long time ago (much to the disgust of my mother, who thinks that I am miserable). The reason that I don’t send Christmas cards is that the occasion has no meaning for me. If I do want to mark a birthday, for example, I’ll often send an e-card, which have a number of advantages over the paper version. Here are some reasons why I prefer e-cards.

1 Last Minute

Ever had that awful moment of realisation that you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday? If you remember on the actual day or before, you can save yourself by sending an e-card. This doesn’t of course offer a useful solution if you’ve forgotten the birthday of someone who (like my mother) refuses to learn to use a computer. Then you’ll have to call instead.

2 Green

This is my official excuse for not sending cards and I’m sticking to it. Sure, cards can be recycled in many places, but it’s better not to send them in the first place. So follow in my footseps and save trees. Insist that you are simply doing your bit to save the planet.

3 Moneysaving

And here is one of the best reasons to prefer e-cards. Have you ever worked out how much money you spend (or waste) sending cards to people that you don’t otherwise communicate with, just because it’s Christmas? Get their email address and use the green excuse next year. Cards just go in the bin, so why waste your cash?

4 Variety

I don’t think sending cards is a big deal in Spain, judging from the lack of card shops. On the rare occasion that I’ve gone out to buy one, I’ve had trouble finding them, and where they are stocked, the range is minimal. With e-cards, on the other hand, there is an almost infinite variety to suit all tastes.

5 Safe

Are you not sure if a card will arrive in time? Have you missed the last posting date for Christmas? Is there a risk that a card might get lost in the post? An e-card is pretty much guaranteed to arrive instantly, and it won’t be tampered with, as sometimes happens to actual cards, because they may contain cash.

6 Date

If you have a terrible memory for dates and always forget birthdays and other occasions, then an e-card can save your bacon. Since you can request it to be sent on a particular date, simply deal with it when you do remember (as long as it’s in advance, rather than too late), and relax, knowing that it will be delivered when the day comes.

7 Customise

You can have a lot of fun with e-cards, customising them to suit the recipient. Add some annoying cheesy music, change the background or play around with the colour and font style until you are happy with the result. You could even use a photo of the birthday boy or girl to make your own card, using a program like Paint – you don’t need to be an expert, just have fun!

When it comes to my own birthday, I also prefer receiving e-cards or messages. But what about you – do you send them, or would you never dream of sending anything but real cards?

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