10 Incredibly Smart Reasons Not to Drink at Holiday Parties ...


10 Incredibly Smart Reasons Not to Drink at Holiday Parties ...
10 Incredibly Smart Reasons Not to Drink at Holiday Parties ...

Reasons Not To Drink at holiday parties-now here is a very controversial topic! I would like to say first of all that if you drink and enjoy it, please do not take this article offensively! These are just my own personal opinions and findings on reasons not to drink and why I support it. I believe reasons not to drink at holiday parties can be argued quite authoritatively, however, I respect each persons opinions and would never cram my beliefs down anyone's throat. So, without further ado I give you 10 incredibly smart reasons not to drink at holiday parties!

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Your Weight

It's no surprise that beer, wine, martinis and other mixed drinks can quickly add up in the calorie department. So it makes sense that you will be packing on the pounds the more you drink! With thanksgiving, christmas and new years coming up, there's already going to be enough food to tempt you, so why not make it easy on yourself and skip the drinks? This is one of the reasons not to drink I think we could all agree on!


Your Appearance

This is one of the very best reasons not to drink at holiday parties. Parties are crawling with people, usually people that you want to impress or look good in front of such as bosses, co-workers, family or potential family, and old friends. So why chance ruining your reputation by having one too many and doing something a bit too memorable? Besides, the compliments you will get on your skin and hair once you stop drinking will amaze you!


Your Conversational Skills

Think about it: Do you really remember any of the conversations you have ever had while drunk? Chances are, you probably don't. And you will find it much easier to carry on an interesting and intelligible conversation with old friends and new acquaintances when all that is in your glass is punch.


Your Memory

Reasons not to drink at a holiday party also include cameras. Everyone at a party will be snapping pictures, so you can bet that if you did anything, ahem, memorable, facebook will be buzzing about it the next morning. And even if you aren't the one dancing on the table, you should still have the right to remember a fun-filled evening without alcohol inhibitions.


Your Wallet

My favorite one from the list of reasons not to drink at holiday parties is your wallet! Amazing how fast your bill totals up when you buy a few drinks...and a few for your friends...am I right? So in favor of saving money, pass up the wine! You can spend that extra money on presents instead-or maybe a new party dress for yourself!


Your Stress Levels

The holidays can be stressful enough, with pressure from family, tighter budgets, menu planning, party hosting and schedules to keep up with. Do you really want to add a hangover to all that? You'll be amazed at how your stress level drops when you think of reasons not to drink at holiday parties-and stick with them!


Your Friends

Here's something to think about: Your true friends, the ones you can be yourself around, are the people that you could have a genuinely fun evening with if all you had was a bag of peanuts and a diet coke. Usually, the pressure or the "need" to drink comes about when you are around people you don't know well or feel uncomfortable around. So think about who will be at the party before you decide to attend.


Your Safety

Here is one of the very best reasons not to drink at holiday parties ever. You'd be amazed at how much easier it is to leave the party when you are sober. And the good news? You don't need a designated driver!


Your Judgmental Skills

Imagine this scenario: You're at a party either with someone you're interested in OR you meet someone cute. No matter which circumstance it is, your judgmental skills will be impaired if you are drunk, making it more likely to do something you will regret in the morning or end up with a date with someone you won't remember the next day. Out of all the reasons not to drink at holiday parties, that one is pretty good!


Your New Years Resolutions

If you decide not to drink at holiday parties now, you can cross one thing off of your new years resolution list. And that would be: Doing one thing I never thought I could do.

Overall, I'd say that these are pretty good reasons not to drink at holiday parties this year, wouldn't you? It can be hard coming up with reasons not to drink if you're not really committed to it, but if you stop right now and promise yourself not to give in, you will do just fine! Can you think of any great Reasons Not To Drink at holiday parties this year?

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