7 Critical Things to Remember when You End a Friendship ...


When you have to let go of a friend, there are a few critical things to remember when you end a friendship. Friends grow apart and people change, which means you won’t have all of your friends forever. Unfortunately, some friendships will come to end, which can be emotionally very difficult. Despite how hard it can be, there are important things to remember when you end a friendship.

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You Did Have Good Times

One of the things to remember when you end a friendship is that you did have good times together. This can be hard to remember if the friendship ended in a fight, but it is important to realize that at one time the two of you liked each other very much. This allows you to move past any animosity that may be present. It also allows you to remain civil if you happen to run into one another.


It’s Okay to Cry

It’s okay to cry when a friendship ends. Essentially, you are experiencing a loss, and you need to let your emotions out. You may prefer to cry by yourself, but realize you can always reach out to another friend or family member. Moms are particularly sympathetic when something like this happens.


No Explanation Needed

Although it can be nice to have an explanation as to why the friendship ended, there doesn’t always have to be one. When friends grow apart, they generally stop seeing each other over time. In this case, the friendship comes to a close almost imperceptibly, and no one really needs to provide an explanation. The two of you just happen to be very different now.


Best Friends Aren’t Impossible to Find

Losing your best friend can be really painful. Amidst all of the emotions you are probably experiencing when you lose a best friend, the thought that you will never find another best friend will probably come to mind. However, you will find another best friend. It will just take some time.


Save Pictures

You may be tempted to throw away or delete all of the pictures of the two you together. However, that is something that you will regret later. Remember, at one point in time you two were friends and there are nice memories that you don’t want to throw away.


Give Yourself Time to Feel Better

When you end a friendship, you need to give yourself some time to feel better. You may not feel like hanging out for a little while, which is fine. Take some time to nurture yourself, and then start getting out again.


You Have Plenty of People Who Care about You

Losing a friend may really hurt, but you still have plenty of people in your life who care about you. Your family and friends are still there for you. You can reach out to them if you need a little support, or you can just hang out with them if you need to get your mind off of things.

While losing a friend is never easy, you will get through the emotional pain of the loss. All of these tips can help you cope when a friendship ends, and soon enough you be feeling like yourself. How do you cope when a friendship ends?

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