7 Meaningful Ways to Discern a True Friendship That Will Last ...


There are some tried and true ways to discern a true friendship that every girl needs to know to maintain that special bond between good friends! Friendships can be deceiving at times, especially if there's a lot of history among two people. But, experiences and time don't always equate true friendship. Here are some meaningful ways to discern a true friendship that you can apply to all your relationships!

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They Will Prioritize Quality Time with You

True friends will always make time for you. Period. If a friend keeps making excuses of being busy or they have schedule conflicts for weeks on end, they probably aren't interested in being a close friend. One of the ways to discern a true friendship is by how much time they invest in you!


They Aren't Competitive

Have you ever noticed that some friends like to compete with you? It can be subtle or totally obvious, but either way, friends who compete with each other to be "better," so-to-speak, aren't true friends. True and meaningful friends love the other's success and happiness and do all that they can to affirm them, instead of competing with them!


They Are Trustworthy

There is no way to have true friendships without trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship! You should be able to say anything and pour your heart out without fear of it being spread around. True friends are trustworthy and you can depend on them always for their loyalty and steadiness. No backstabbing or gossip is involved!


Ability to Speak Insight into Your Life

True friends know you inside and out and thus have the ability to speak into your life in times of crisis or when it comes to just life decisions. The best part is that you actually take their advice to heart because of that established trust!


Will Drop Anything to Help You in Times of Need

Being selfless is the mark of a true friend! She will drop what she's doing and come assist you when you need help, whatever that looks like. And a true friend will be happy and more than willing to be there for you. That kind of love and loyalty is a rare thing and will show up only in true friends. It's an absolute blessing when your friends come to your rescue!


It's Easy to Talk to Them and Conversations Can Go Deep

No matter the distance between visits, true friends can always pick up where they left off. Superficial conversations are there but there's going to be the ability to go deeper and connect on a more personal level. This just comes naturally for strong friendships and it's so amazing to have that connection with another person!


They Are Encouraging!

And finally, strong friendships encourage each other and build each other up on a daily basis. There's nothing better than receiving an encouraging word from a close friend that not only brings you closer together but lifts your spirits! It's also a good method when you just wanna show a friend how much you care and can give them a little mood booster through encouragement by telling them how much you appreciate them.

True friendships are built to last and if nurtured properly, they will continue for a lifetime! Keeping these attributes of true friendships in mind, you can evaluate your friends and see which ones are meant to be close to you and your world. Do you ladies have close friends that have these qualities? What specifically do you appreciate most?

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I have one friend like this, we really love each other in a non-sexual way. The non-competitiveness is so true, it feels amazing when someone supports you for 100%, without any jealousy. My bff studies industrial design and i\'m a history student and therefore we don\'t really understand each other\'s education, but we\'re so proud of each other when the other one gets back a good grade!

True, just don\'t have this yet. Just waiting for when people will be accepting.

It\'s hard to find true girlfriends and as you get older it gets worse . Women are competitive and always looking to cut you down instead of build you up ( some not all ) but my friend Sheri is pretty awesome and fits all of these

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